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Ready for Takeoff

STANDARDS OUTLOOK BY L.L. "BUDDY" CRESSIONNIE Ready for Takeoff Revision of AS9100 expected this fall THE INTERNATIONAL Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) is putting fi nishing touches on the next revision of AS9100, 1 the quality management system (QMS) standard for the aviation, space and def ense ...

What Are AS9000 and AS9100

AS9000 and AS9100 Aerospace Quality Systems AS9000 and AS9100 are both standards designed for and by the aerospace industry. AS9000 includes all of the requirements of ISO 9001:1994 .

AS9100 Rev C Released

From: Che Masters February 4, 2009 To: All AS9100 customers, auditors, and NSF-ISR staff Subject: AS9100 Rev C Released AS9100 rev. C was released this month and contains new requirements in addition to the changes introduced in ISO 9001:2008.

AS9100C Differences

AS9100C adds a description of the audience for the AS9100 standard: This standard is intended for use by organizations that design, develop, ...

Total Quality Management (TQM) Process Supplement for ...

102-153 Quality Specification 06Sep07 Rev F Total Quality Management (TQM) Process Supplement for Aerospace Quality Assurance Model, AS9100 (B)

AS9100 Revision C Whitepaper

3 AS9100 Revision C - Bureau Veritas - January 2011 BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION AS9100 REV. C INTRODUCTION In early 2009, The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) released Revision C to AS9100, the quality management system (QMS) standard for the aviation, space and defense industries.

AS9100 Internal Audit Checklist

AS9100 Internal Audit Checklist 7.5 Production and Service Provision 7.5.1 Control of Production and Service Provision Does planning include the items required by the standard?

AS9100B to AS9100C Comparison

This document was prepared by: Steve Howarth AXEON Inc. www.axeon.net AS9100 Rev B (2004) Comparison with AS9100 Rev C (2009) The differences between AS9100 Rev B (2004) and AS9100 Rev C (2009) are shown in the comparison matrix below.

(Microsoft Word - Bureau Veritas Certification AS9100 ...

Bureau Veritas Certification Interpretations of The Standard. Guidance for Quality Management System Auditors. Expectations for Companies Certifying to AS9100.

Quality Manual

AS9100 Quality Manual AS9100 QM 6/14/2010 UNCONTROLLED IF PRINTED 1 of 57 Quality Manual I hereby approve the Quality Management System (QMS) described in this Quality Manual, in support of our Quality Policy and Quality Objectives.