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Assisstive Technology (AT) to Support Students with Special Needs

Acknowledgements Janet Hopkins is a British Columbia secondary school teacher and a Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) certified Assistive Technology


Assistive Technology . WHAT ISASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY? Assistive technology is any service or tool that helps the elderly or disabled do the activities they

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY - A Special Education Guide to Assistive ...

Technical Assistance guides are developed by the Division of Special Education to provide guidance to schools, parents and advocates regarding eligibility for and the implementation of services to students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the ...

Running Head: ASSISTIVE

Assistive Technology: A Tool for Enhancing Classroom Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities

Assistive Technology: A Framework for Consideration and ...

Assistive Technology Framework, Virginia Department of Education (2008) 1 Acknowledgments The Virginia Department of Education would like to thank the individuals who served on the committee for the development of the Assistive Technology Framework.

Assistive Technology and the IEP

Assistive Technology and the IEP FCTD Fact Sheets: Assistive Technology and the IEP 1 Where to Start In order to determine if a child is eligible for special education services, an evaluation must be conducted.


NPR-B-16 11/94 PAGE 1 OF 3 UNLICENSED ASSISTIVE PERSONNEL The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) has as its primary focus consumer protection. With increasing frequency, the BRN has been asked to render decision about how the practice of unlicensed assistive personnel relates to registered ...

Assistive Technology and Aging

Contributors This publication is a result of generous contributions of many organizations and individuals. Special thanks to the Virginia Department for the Aging, the Interagency Workgroup on Aging, and the Virginia Assistive Technology System for their generous support of this effort.

Assistive Devices Fact Sheet

Assistive devices are used by people who: Have temporary or permanent physical limitations. Are elderly. Have cognitive problems, such as memory loss. Have problems with their hearing or vision. Have a physical condition that causes them to tire out easily ...

Assistive Technology for Self-Managing Behavior

Assistive Technology for Self-Managing Behavior for those with ADHD_____ Assistive technologies (AT) can be used to help teach reading, writing and math.