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CHAPTER 3 MORGAN: GENES ON THE SAME CHROMOSOME DO NOT ASSORT INDEPENDENTLY Thomas H. Morgan continued his research and found that other genes also tended to be inherited together, similar to the sex-linkage association he had already observed.

11-5Linkage and Gene Maps

It's easy to see how genes located on different chromosomes assort independently, but what about genes located on the same chromosome? Wouldn't they generally be inherited together?

Quiz #11

If two genes are on the same chromosome and rarely assort independently, a. crossing-over never occurs between the genes. b. crossing-over always occurs between the genes.

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Genes, Genomes and Genethics (Bio 120)#9: Linkage and ...

• Why don't linked genes assort independently? • How can linked genes be separated? • How can we use linkage to calculate the distance between genes?

Chromosomes assort independently, not individual genes. Why ...

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5 GENETIC LINKAGE AND MAPPING 5.1 Genetic Linkage So far, we have considered traits that are affected by one or two genes, and if there are two genes, we have assumed that they assort independently.

Linkage, Recombination, andthe Mapping of Genes on Chromosomes

The fact that none of the descendants of this family's maternal grandfather manifested one of the traits without the other suggests that the mutant alleles did not assort independently during meiosis.