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Stanislavski Scheme: Building a Character

Aims: To Introduce the Practitioner Stanislavski and his theories on developing character • Introduce the students to basic improvisation • To build group cohesion and trust in order to develop confidence • To get pupils to understand Accepting and Blocking in terms of improvisation LESSON ...

Section 11–5 Linkage and Gene Maps(pages 279–280) - Gene ...

The two genes on the same chromosome are so far apart that they also assort independently. Gene Maps (pages 279–280) 5. Explain why two genes found on the same chromosome are not always linked forever.


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Ch. 5, p 123-141 Problems for this and next lecture:

We test whether the data is consistent with the “null hypothesis” that the genes are not linked, as this hypothesis gives a precise prediction: unlinked genes will assort independently, giving half parental and half recombinant progeny.


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