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Flight and Operations Manual

ASW20 - Flight Manual 1.1 Preface The ASW 20 has been licensed according to the 'Airworthiness Requirements for Sailplanes and Powered Sailplanes' ( LFSM ), issued on November 1, 1975.

ASW20 Refinishing Project by Ken Kochanski

ASW 20B Wing Refinishing by Ken Kochanski Planning This wing-refinishing project is a continuation of my efforts to make my 1986 ASW-20B look and perform better than new.


A FLIGHT TEST EVALUATION OF THE AS-W 20 By Richard H. Johnson, Published in Soaring Magazine, May 1978 The Schleicher AS-W 20 is the 15-meter flapped sister ship to the unflapped 15-meter AS-W 19 that was reported in Reference A.


DI (FH) Katrin Storka, A-3425 Langenlebarn, Tel.: 0043 (0) 664 135 70 95, e-mail: storka@storka.at Ing. Martin Pirker, A-1030 Wien, Tel.: 0043 (0) 669 10 75 10 56, e-mail: bugwiper@chello. at , Edition 07.2005 Rev. 01 - 2 - "BWS ELECTRONIC SYSTEM" is a device for removing bugs, flies, beetles ...


Finger Trouble A very experienced pilot was doing the usual thing of pulling on the front cockpit rim of his ASW20 to get the glider on line for a launch.

British Gliding Association Airworthiness Compendium

British Gliding Association Airworthiness Compendium Compendium of Airworthiness Directives, Mandatory Modifications, special Inspections and Check List of Defects Foreword and instructions for use The lay out of the compendium is now listed under aircraft manufacturers name and is in a format ...

Welcome to Our Second Issue

Now, a half dozen gliders answered the 6AM wakeup calls -- AGCSC's 1-34, Sky Sailing's 2-33, two private 1-26s, Rolf Shulze's 201 Libelle, and Mark Navarre's ASW20.

Open 15 m - GFA Glider Handicaps 20010/11 - Multi Class

DG 808 Competition 0.950 600 ASW20 0.990 500 Ventus 2 CX 18m 0.950 600 ASW20B 0.990 525 JS1 a/b 0.950 600 DG 600/15 0.990 525 ASG29 0.950 600 ASW 20 a - 450 1.005 450

Fatal Accident Reports

aircraft accident report occurrence number 02/99 alexander schleicher segelflugzeugbau asw20 zk-gvw near omarama 22 january 2002 fatal accident reports

Airworthiness Directive Schedule

Number: AS-K13 L-267 ASW20L L-314 ASH25 L-364 ASW24 L-366 ASH25E (Motor glider) L-858 ASW27 L-389 ASH25M (Motor glider) L-858 ASW28 L-423 ASH26E (Motor glider) L-883 K7 L-211 ASW15 L-272 K8B L-216 ASW17 L-282 Ka6BR L-205 ASW19 L-308 Ka6CR L-205 ASW19B L-308 Ka6CR-Pe L-205 ASW20 L-314 Ka6E L ...