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Hypothesis Testing with SPSS book (Jim Mirabella)

Hypothesis Testing with SPSS by Dr. Jim Mirabella Hypothesis Test for One Sample - 8 - One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test 200 3.4215.30841.076.058-.076 1.071.202 N Mean Std. Deviation Normal Parameters a,b Absolute Positive Negative Most Extreme Differences Kolmogorov-Smirnov Z Asymp.


READING SPSS OUTPUT 1. SPSS output for the chi-square test. Chi-Square Tests Value df Asymp. Sig. (2-sided) Pearson Chi-Square 65.524(a) 3.000 Likelihood Ratio 74.295 3.000 N of Valid Cases 490 a 0 cells (.0%) have expected count less than 5.

Testing Hypotheses with SPSS

Dataset: CPSPUB-FEB2000 NParTests Chi-Square Test Frequencies Race 5414 5014.6 399.4 689 1028.6-339.6 78 128.6-50.6 248 257.2-9.2 6429 White Black American Indian, Aleut, Eskimo Asian or Pacific Islander Total ObservedN ExpectedN Residual Test Statistics 164.175 3.000 Chi-Square a df Asymp.

Smart Alex’s Answers

Exposure vs. control: Test Statistics b 72.500 192.500-1.743.081.098 a Mann-Whitney U Wilcoxon W Z Asymp. Sig. (2-tailed) Exact Sig. [2* (1-tailed Sig.)] Fear beliefs Not corrected for ties. a. Grouping Variable: Format of Information b.

General Guidelines about SPSS

• Another table that you will get and has the percentages distribution among the different groups in the demographic: Chi-Square Tests 10.000 a 9. 350 13.863 9. 127. 273 1. 602 10 Pearson Chi-Square Likelihood Ratio Line a r-by-Linear Association N of Valid Cases Value df Asymp.

Reprinted from: PMDA News Summer 2010

Reprinted from: PMDA News Summer 2010 Pennsylvania Medical Directors Association / Pennsylvania's Association for Long Term Care Medicine The Epidemic of Inappropriate Treatment of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Nursing Facilities Thomas Lawrence, MD; Immediate Past President/PMDA; lawrencet@mlhs ...

Crosstab (with Chi-Square)

GENERAL HAPPINESS 415 456.3-41.3 784 456.3 327.7 170 456.3-286.3 1369 VERY HAPPY PRETTY HAPPY NOT TOO HAPPY Total Observed N Expected N Residual Test Statistics 418.687 2.000 Chi-Square a df Asymp.


ON CLASSIFICATION OF NORMAL MATRICES IN INDEFINITE INNER PRODUCT SPACES CHRISTIANMEHL † Abstract. Canonical forms are developed for several sets of matrices that are normal with respect to an indefinite inner product induced by a nonsingular Hermitian, symmetric, or skew-symmetric matrix.

Asymptotic Notation

Asymptotic Equality. Asymptotic Notation Instructor: Laszlo Babai December 17,2006 1 Preliminaries Notation: exp(x) =e x.

14. CLT, Part II: Independent but not identically distributed

14. CLT, Part II: Independent but not identically distributed Lehmann§2.7; Ferguson§5 To begin with, let'sconsiderthe example of the so-called Poisson-binomial distribution: Example 14.1LetX i Bernoulli(p i), withX 1,X 2,... independent.