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1 Dear customer, We congratulate you on purchasing your ATEUS ® - GSM ISDN GATEWAY Lite product. This new product was developed and produced with emphasis on maximum utility value, quality and reliability.

Re: ATEUS® - VoiceBlue VoIP GSM gateway testing

Re: ATEUS ® - VoiceBlue VoIP GSM gateway testing The DAMOVO company Czech Republic Ltd. tested the function of the ATEUS ® - VoiceBlue VoIP GSM gateway from 2N Telekomunikace on December 20 - 27, 2004.

User guide Version: 1.3.14

ATEUS ® - SMS 3 ATEUS ® - SMS 1. Introduction The ATEUS ® -SMS SW is designed for sending and receiving SMS. It sends SMS units from a name list to any GSM destination, which may be an individual number and/or group.

Bluetower GSM Gateway from 2n Blue Tower FCT Fixed Cellular ...

ATEUS ® - BlueTower The Cheapest PRI solution for your Company The ATEUS ® PRI family has been extended to include a new product - ATEUS ® BlueTower - an 8 channel PRI GSM Gateway It's a great solution for small and medium enterprises with high proportion of calls to GSM networks.

bluestar gsm gateway PRI FCT Fixed Cellular terminal 2n ateus ...

ATEUS ® - BLUESTAR Star Connectionfor your Company Are you interested in a flexible solution for your company, which would enable you to reduce phone expenses?

An Analog GSM Gateway

ATEUS ® - SmartGate An Analog GSM Gateway with a DialThru function ATEUS ® - SmartGate is a single-channel analog GSM gateway, which provides a number of services for a cost-efficient way of communication.

VoiceBlue with Asterisk How to

ATEUS ® - VoiceBlue with Asterisk How to The present document is a step-by-step guide for configuring the ATEUS ® - VoiceBlue gateway and Asterisk software PBX.

Your Highway to GSM/3G Networks VoIP/PRI - GSM/3G ...

ATEUS ® - StarGate Your Highway to GSM/3G Networks VoIP/PRI - GSM /3G Multichannel Gateway The ATEUS ® - StarGate is a VoIP/PRI GSM/3G gateway with up to 32 GSM/3G channels.


1 ESTATUTOS CAPÍTULO I.- DENOMINACIÓN, DOMICILIO, ÁMBITO, FINES Y ACTIVIDADES Art. 1º Denominación Se constituye la Asociación denominada ASSOCIACIÓ VALENCIANA D'ATEUS I LLIUREPENSADORS, referida en adelante por su acrónimo AVALL, o simplemente la Asociación, que se acoge a lo dispuesto ...

ATEUS ENTRYCOM – infopanel

2N ® Helios video kit obj. č. 9135200E Popis 2N ® Helios video kit obsahuje vše potřebné k tomu, abyste svůj dveřní komunikátor 2N ® Helios mohli rozšířit o funkci barevné videokamery.