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Phenylephrine eye drops

The formation of synechiae may be prevented by the use of this solution and atropine or other cycloplegics to produce wide dilation of the pupil.

Atropine Sulfate Injection BP PRODUCT INFORMATION

Atropine Sulfate Injection BP Product Information 1 (11) Atropine Sulfate Injection BP PRODUCT INFORMATION NAME OF THE DRUG Atropine sulfate is bis[(1 R ,3 r ,5 S )-8-methyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-3-yl (2 RS )-3-hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoate] sulphate monohydrate.

Medication Protocols

Depending on severity of signs or symptoms, immediately administer one (1) atropine auto-injector (2 mg), followed by one (1) 2-PAM Cl auto-injector (600 mg). 6.3. Atropine should be given first; followed immediately by 2-PAM Cl.


ATROPINE SULFATE OPHTHALMIC OINTMENT USP STERILE DESCRIPTION: Contains Atropine Sulfate 1.0%, Lanolin, White Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Purified Water and


If transcutaneous pacing is available, it is not necessary to give a full trial of a total of 3 mg of atropine before attempting TCP • Mechanical capture of the transcutaneous pacing should be verified via palpable femoral or radial pulses

See also pages 281 and 387 CLINICAL SCIENCES - A Randomized ...

A Randomized Trial of Atropine vs Patching for Treatment of Moderate Amblyopia in Children The Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group Objective:Tocomparepatchingandatropineastreat

MARK-I Kit Atropine 2 mg Pralidoxime Chloride 600 mg (2PAM ...

MARK-I Kit Atropine 2 mg. Pralidoxime Chloride 600 mg (2PAM Chloride) Indications: Poisoning with organophosphate nerve agents with at least one sign or symptom below: • SOB/respiratory distress/respiratory arrest • Muscle twitching/seizure • Generalized weakness/paralysis •

How Much Atropine is Enough??

November 2002 How Much Atropine is Enough?? Case: A 67 year old with a history of depression was found unresponsive by EMS with an empty bottle of an insecticide at her side.


ENVIRONMENTAL GUIDANCE HANDBOOK This is an UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT printed for reference only. The controlled document is on-line on the Fort Campbell Internet under Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division. http://www.campbell.army.mil/campbell/directorates/DPW/envdiv/Pages/default ...

Veterinary Antidotes and Availability: An Update

Certain conditions of dosage form are prescribed in this regulation: Atropine sulfate as an injectable should not be in excess of 15 mg per dosage unit for cattle, goats, sheep, horses and pigs; and not in excess of 0.6 mg per dosage unit for dogs and cats.