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Faces of Facebook: Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality

Overlaying information (obtained online) over the image of the individual (obtained offline) on the mobile device's screen  It's the "accretion" problem : "once any piece of data has been linked to a person's real identity, any association between this data and a virtual identity breaks ...

Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality Rosa Martinez University ...

Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality 2 Abstract The purpose of this project is to explore the different uses of augmented reality. Augmented reality has many applications that are used in medical, military, and entertainment fields including social networks.


NRC SENDS AUGMENTED INSPECTION TEAM TO NORTH ANNA NUCLEAR POWER STATION The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has dispatched an Augmented Inspection Team to the North Anna nuclear power station to further review the effects of last week's earthquake, the operators' response and the plant staff's ...

Using Augmented Matrices to Solve Systems of Linear Equations

Augmented Matrices - page 2 2. Operations that Produce Equivalent Systems a) Two equations are interchanged. b) An equation is multiplied by a nonzero constant.

ELI 7 Things Series

www.educause.edu/eli 1 2 Formerly NLII more 7 things you should know about Augmented Reality Scenario Last week, Josie missed a field trip that her botany class took to the Botanical Garden.


Welcome to another AC-TG newsletter! We're looking forward to an exciting year with new opportunities and lots of growth. We're starting to mature as a Technical Group and garner a lot more support and interest.

Trend: Augmented Reality Check

Trend: Augmented Reality Check By Eva Kaplan-Leiserson This article is third in a series of articles on technology trends and their applicability to learning.

A Survey of Augmented Reality

In Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments 6 , 4 (August 1997), 355-385. A Survey of Augmented Reality Ronald T. Azuma Hughes Research Laboratories 3011 Malibu Canyon Road, MS RL96 Malibu, CA 90265 azuma@isl.hrl.hac.com http://www.cs.unc.edu/~azuma W: (310) 317-5151 Fax: (310) 317-5695 ...

Analysis of an Elective Share Augmented State Claim

ANALYSIS OF AN ELECTIVE SHARE AUGMENTED ESTATE CLAIM By Jean Galloway Ball Jean Galloway Ball, CELA Jean Galloway Ball, PLC Suite 150, 10306 Eaton Place

and ...

41 CHAPTER 2 - Systems of Equations and Inequalities SECTION 3 - Augmented Matrices We have seen the methods