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Brown, R.L., and Morgan, G., 1991, Aulacogen collapse: A model for the compressive stage of aulacogen evolution: Oklahoma Geological Survey Circular 92, pp. 185-188.

Bibliography of Anadarko Basin

Brown, R.L., and G. Morgan, 1991, Aulacogen collapse: a model for the compressive stage of aulacogen evolution, in K.S. Johnson, ed., Late Cambrian-Ordovician geology of the southern Midcontinent, 1989 symposium: OGS Circular 92, p. 185-188.

Chapter 2: Mid- to Late Precambrian

An aulacogen is an arm of the rift that fails. That is, rifting stops on this arm, but continues on the main rift as an ocean basin opens. The Uinta aulacogen constituted an arm of the new ocean basin that was filled with the sandy sediment that later became the Uinta Mountains.

Displacements crustal strain Midcontinent

from any of the Cambrian igneous rocks of the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen. Compositions and mineralogy over much of the region will apparently have to be built on modeling from more detailed geophysical

Bibliography of Arbuckle Mountains

Brown, W.G., and R.C. Grayson, Jr., eds., 1985, Tectonism and sedimentation in the Arbuckle Mountain region, southern Oklahoma aulacogen: Waco, Baylor University, Baylor Geological Society, 44 p. 2

Continental Rift Basins and Proto-Oceanic Rift Basins

... and progressive rotation of younger sediments * Increasing bed dip with depth of hanging wall * Wedge shaped accumulation in vertical section - Case study modern and/or ancient examples o Southern Oklahoma aulacogen (fossil continental rift basin) * Figure 2 shows the geographic location of the aulacogen ...

Chapter 2: The Ouachita System

Legend: A=Alabama promontory AF=late Paleozoic Appalachian thrust front D=Delaware aulacogen L=Llano (or Texas) promontory M=Marathon Embayment O=Oklahoma basin (early Paleozoic) OA=Oklahoma aulacogen OF=late Paleozoic Ouachita thrust front OU=Ouachita Embayment R=Reelfoot rift (with early Paleozoic Mississippi ...


Hogan, J.P., Gilbert, M. C., and Price, J.D., 2001, Crystallization of fine- and coarse-grained A-type granite sheets of the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen, U.S.A.: Geological Society of America Special Paper 350, pp. 139-150.

Precambrian Basement Geology of the Permian Basin Region of ...

Interpreted geologic bodies associated with the pre-Grenville rift (PGR), Delaware aulacogen (DA), Abilene gravity minimum (AGM), and Crosbyton anomaly (C) are shown, along with two proposed new locations for the Grenville front in Texas.

Wheeler Diagrams: A Useful Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico

"Wheeler Diagrams": A Useful Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico Wheeler Diagrams: A Useful Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico