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Journal of Mental Health

Mahmoud Awara a; Christopher Fasey a a Mental Health Unit, Basildon Hospital, Basildon, Essex, UK First Published on: 30 November 2007 To cite this Article: Awara, Mahmoud and Fasey, Christopher (2007) 'Is spirituality worth exploring in psychiatric out-patient clinics?', Journal of Mental Health, 17:2, 183 ...

Supporting Biculturalism at Waiāriki - A Guide for Staff and ...

Tangatarua - meaning two peoples - two peoples together in one place, in one land. A place where this is understood, and where cultures meet, and where differences are celebrated.

40eme Session du Conseil d'Administration du CAFRAD

African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development 40eme Session du Conseil d'Administration du CAFRAD


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Awara Direct Search

Avenir is now Awara! We have decided to change our name from Avenir to Awara in order to better communicate to our clients the uniqueness of all what we do.

Canids: Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Dogs - Canids: Foxes ...

Kaiabi: awara (Brazil); Yucuna: uálaca; Huitoto: urúbui; Yebá masá o Barasana: búyaíro; Bora: wipe; Okaima: juhxuutsoonna; Carijona: karejuqué (Colombia); Achuar:

HEJ77 Waag, see Wag

Jarso , group of eastern Oromo HDS08 Wara Jarso wereda, see Were Jarso ..--wara kombo: Warra Kumbi , name of a Mecha Oromo tribe JCN07 Wara Kombo (Uara Combo), see Delo HDM16 Wara Malka, see Awara Melka KCN19 Waraaw (Uaraao, Uarahas, Urabas) 07/45 [+ WO Gz] 0720'/4541' 584 m??

British Arab Psychiatric Association, AGPA & BPA Conference

Dr. Mahmoud Awara, SpR in Psychiatry, UK: Spirituality & Psychiatric Assessment. Workshops 9, 10 & 11: W9: The Phenomenon of Violence as perceived by Palestinian School Pupils (aged 14-17 years) in The West Bank, Palestine Leader: Dr. Mahmoud Sehwail (Consultant Psychiatrist, Palestine), Khader Rasras ...

Page 1 Non-traditional Exporting Produce - A GINA Publication

squash, 6 tonnes of boulanger, 5 tonnes of sapodilla, 5 tonnes of awara, 5 tonnes banana, 3 tonnes of poi calaloo, 3 tonnes of mamey and 3 tonnes of dried thyme among other items