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1-800-310-7383 www.airpacks.com FACTS ABOUT CARRYING BACKPACKS AND BACKPACK INJURY The Facts 40 million teenagers carry a backpack to school each day.

Backpack-related injuries in children

Backpack-Related Injuries in Children Overloaded backpacks used by children have received a lot of attention from parents, doctors, school administrators and the media in the past several years.

Is Your Child's Backpack Causing Back Pain?

Monitor their backpacks by checking weights and distribution. If possible, get one of the newer backpacks like AirPacks to properly distribute the weight.

Heavy Backpacks Harmful to Students, Simmons Study Says

Adapted from "Heavy Backpacks Harmful to Students, Simmons Study Says," Boston Globe, February 13, 2001, by Scott Greenberger. Heavy Backpacks Harmful to Students, Simmons Study Says You see it in every schoolyard in America: the slight hunch forward, the tucking of the hand under the taut strap ...

Literacy Backpack Project

Backpacks Fountain for Youth arranges the delivery of backpacks with orders placed to V Gilmore and Sons based in Melbourne. You may have a distributor in your state, a little closer to home.

Backpack Challenge

on ™ Sent inby T.J. R. of Kirksville, MO Do kids in certain grades carry heavier backpacks? Who carries heavier backpacks— boys or girls ? Make a prediction and then collect data to find answers to these questions.

Designing Your Backpack

Designing Your Backpack NOVA Activity Battle of the X-Planes Procedure 1Before you begin your design, look at some existing backpacks. What special features do they have?

Carrying Backpacks: Physical Effects

Carrying Backpacks: Physical Effects Illinois State Board of Education - June 2006 1 of 3 It is estimated that more than 40 million U.S. youth carry school materials in backs (Wang, Pascoe, Weimar, 2001).

Backpack Strategies for Parents and Students

If you would like to consult an occupational therapy practitioner about an ergonomic evaluation regarding backpacks, computer use, or other learning-related issues, talk to your child's teacher about whether a referral to occupational therapy is appropriate.

Heavy Backpacks

The NEED Project PO Box 10101 Manassas, VA 20108 1-800-875-5029 www.NEED.org Heavy Backpacks Grade Levels: 4-6 Background: Doctors say it isn't healthy for students to carry more than ten percent of their weight in their backpacks.