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Fishing Bait

* Most fun? * How did you arrange and label the baits and lures to make it easier for the audience to follow along during your presentation? * If you interviewed a fisherman, what useful information did you collect for your presentation? * Which baits and lures would you expect to catch the most fish?

Basic Freshwater Baits-

WORMS - Worms include large species, often called earthworms or night crawlers, and small, frisky manure worms. Earthworms and night crawlers are found in any lawn and can be easily gathered after a rain or found under boards or rocks.

www. JoesCustomBaits. com

I do have, on a regular basis, other brands and baits. Please contact me if you don't see what you are looking for. Painting Fees: Patterns with the names in red are: $12.00 ea Others are: $10.00 ea Custom Pattern Requests: $15.00 minimum for first bait, additional baits will be priced accordingly Speciality ...

How To Hook Bait-

CLAMS, MUSSELS AND OTHER SOFT BAITS - Clams, mussels, and soft baits such as pieces of liver are best hardened in the sun briefly before hooking.

Make your own wooden lures

Basswood Carving kit Bass Diver Baits Musky Jerk Baits Top Water Prop Baits Top Water Poping Baits You can now make your own wooden plugs and crankbaits.

Vision Baits A New Vision

PRODUCT LAUNCH Vision Baits Carp-Trade | Issue 64 | 33 Tel: (0)1691 659859 Web: www.visionbaitsinternational.com For more information on these or any other Vision Baits products Vision Baits have just released more new products that simply can't fail to be a hit with consumers, one of which is ...


acute baits are not recommended for use in bait stations. Anticoagulant baits, on the other hand, have no aversive taste and symptoms of poisoning do not occur until after a lethal does is usually consumed.

Best Crankbaits

February 2008 | BassMasTer 39 The By LOUIE STOUT Senior Writer Although you can spend a near fortune on a crankbait, you don't have to. Here are the best baits for anglers on a budget $ 5 Under Crankbaits Best T That big ol' bass in your favorite lake or pond really doesn't give a hoot how much ...

Termite Baits1

ENY-2001 Termite Baits 1 B. J. Cabrera, N.-Y. Su, R. H. Scheffrahn, and P. G. Koehler. 2 1. This document is ENY-2001, one of a series of the Entomology and Nematology Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.