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Selected Bibliography of material on the Bundjalung / Banjalang ...

Compiled by Eleanor Galvin, AIATSIS Library, February 2009 http://www.aiatsis.gov.au/lbry/fct_shts/biblio_lang.htm Selected Bibliography of material on the

Selected bibliography of material on the Githabul language and ...

Language/Group: Bundjalung / Banjalang language (E12) (NSW SH56-02) Language/Group: Bundjalung / Banjalang people (E12) (NSW SH56-02) Language/Group: Githabul language ...

Volume 20 Issue 8, Page 9

a dialect of the Banjalang language mainly, but can also sing some of the old Gumbaingery songs, al- though he says he doesn't know the meaning of

Dr Gaynor Macdonald bout yself eseARch ReAs

2006 Malera Banjalang Anthropological Report. Placer Dome P/L (pp.75) 2006 Widjabul Genealogical Report. Native Title Tribunal, Sydney. (pp.30)

Language Tangle

Case Study 7 synopsis: 1984, Banjalang Language Revival, Lismore NSW372 Case Study 8 synopsis: 1984, Solomon Islands Aid Project, Lismore NSW373