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History of St. Basil Roman Catholic Church Los Angeles ...

History of St. Basil Roman Catholic Church Los Angeles, California Though it carried some of the first commercial traffic in California, the Wilshire Boulevard of today began its expansive growth only with the advent of the automobile.

Rice Plates

Nuah-Yang ( Thai -Basil's -Grill) ..... 9.5/ 14 Grilled tender beef sirloin marinated in seasoned soy sauce, garlic and sesame. Served with Thai - Basil's spicy soy sauce and grilled veggies. Gai ...

Served Monday through Saturday 11:30am-2:30pm

Handmade ravioli with ricotta, romano, mascarpone, and goat cheese in basil marinara sauce. $20.00. Chicken parmesan with pasta on the side. $20.00.

Sacred basil - an Ayurvedic adaptogen

Sacred basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum , syn. O. sanctum) is considered a sacred plant by the Hindus and is dedicated to Krishna. 1 Known also as holy basil in English and as tulsi or tulasi in Hindi, the plant grows wild in India but is also widely cultivated in home and temple gardens.

Growing and Using Basil

Growing and Using Basil RG 801 Revised April 2006 Prepared by Gina Pfl asterer, former student intern; Linda Naeve, former extension horticulturist; Richard Jauron, extension horticulturist; and Diane Nelson, extension communication specialist.

dinner - soup, salads, pasta

dinner menu our favorite place to eat basil leaf the café house organic baby greens, tomatoes, walnuts, mushrooms, gorgonzola w/ balsamic vinaigrette organic organic baby greens, seasonal berries, candied walnuts w/ raspberry vinaigrette butter lettuce dried cranberries, pine nuts, w/ blue ...

Basil Downy Mildew

ALIEN PEST ALERT! Basil Downy Mildew Peronospora belbahrii Clockwise from top left: yellowing of infected basil leaves; sporulation on undersides of leaves; sporulation as seen from top of leaves; black discoloration of dying leaves.

Basil: A Source of Aroma Compounds and a Popular Culinary and ...

499 Basil: A Source of Aroma Compounds and a Popular Culinary and Ornamental Herb* James E. Simon, Mario R. Morales, Winthrop B. Phippen, Roberto Fontes Vieira, and Zhigang Hao Basil, one of the most popular culinary herbs in North America is sold as a fresh-cut and dried processed product.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the son of internationally ...

BASIL WATSON Art: "The harmonious expression of one's vision of life". This personal description of his lifelong passion is what defines the works of renowned Jamaican and international artist/sculptor, Basil Watson.


imported olives, feta, tossed with our creamy basil dressing. Caesar - ($4.50, $6.50) Romaine lettuce & house-made flatbread croutons tossed