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Series 1: The Opening Statement of the Quran (The Basmalah )

iii FOREWORD This discussion would be unprofitable if it did not lead us to appreciate the wisdom of our Creator, and the wondrous knowledge of the Author of the world, who in the beginning created the world out of nothing and set everything in number, measure and weight, and then in time and ...

Surah Al-Baqarah Part I (Ayahs 1-75)

2 For an introduction to our tafsirs and for a discussion of the Basmallah, which is the first ayah of this Surah, please see our tafsir of Surah Fatihah , which is also on Quran-Tafsir. org 2.

Ba The Arabic Letter Abjad Ilm Huroof secrets

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Tafsir Surat al Fatiha (1)

Indeed it is the most honoured thing in the treasures of the Arsh and Allah has bestowed its honour upon Mohammad (s) sharing no one of His prophets in it, except Solomon, to whom Allah gave the basmallah..."

The Science of Tajweed

... message in the Qur'anis meant especially for him personally. 10 The Ethics of Reciting and Listening To the Qur'an •The recitation should always start with ta'awwudh , i.e. saying ' A'outhobillahi minash-shaitanirrajeem .' •The recitation from the beginning of sura (s) should comments with basmallah , i.e ...

Grimace: Allah Hates You

"Peace be upon you," Ms. 'Amer says, welcoming Basmallah onto her show. "Allah's mercy and blessing upon you," the little girl replies. 'Amer: Basmallah, how old are you?'

Surah At-Tawbah Part 1 (Ayahs 1-60)

This shows us clearly that the Basmallah is actually an ayah in the Quran, and this is the correct opinion regarding this issue. Allah (swt) Knows best as to why He (swt) did not include the Basmallah here.

The Qur’an - A Monotheist Translation

THE ‘BASMALLAH’ Current printed editions of the Scripture record the ‘Basmallah’ (the title which reads: ‘In the name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful’)

Which Quran?

of 27 14 No 'Stop' in Chapter 3:1 (taken from the page scan 38r) É Warsh in 5:1 has its first verse stop (after the Basmallah) on the word "Uqood".

ﹺﻢﻴِﺣﱠﺮﻟﺍ ﹺﻦَـﻤْﺣﱠﺮﻟﺍ ...

[Suratul Hijr: 87] The Basmallah is the first Ayaah of Suratul Fatihah. • Suratul Fatihah has 25 words in it. • There are 113 letters in Suratul Fatihah.