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"1.5 Volt" vs. "1.2 Volt" Batteries

"1.5 Volt" vs. "1.2 Volt" Batteries by Roy Lewallen Very often I've read statements like "1.2 volt NiMH cells can't be used in some equipment designed for 1.5 volt alkaline cells because the voltage is too low."


BATTERIES As many small-scale methods of electricity generation are available only intermittently, some form of electricity storage or battery is needed if people want to have electricity available at all times.

Fact Sheet: Disposal of Alkaline Batteries

Fact Sheet: Disposal of Alkaline Batteries August 1994 Disposal of Alkaline Batteries Introduction This fact sheet is intended for users of alkaline batteries.

EXIDE® Supercrank ® Batteries.

A dead battery can really put the brakes on good times. That's why our full line of Exide Supercrank® batteries delivers exactly what customers want: long life and no hassles.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Nickel Cadmium 11/06/01 Page 1 of 12 Eveready Battery Co. Inc.   2001 Nickel Cadmium Batteries Application Manual The nickel-cadmium battery is a remarkable device.


The maintenance-free power you've always wanted... DEKA quality DOMINATOR and GEL-MATE BATTERIES never need watering, saving you countless routine maintenance hours.

s Batterie . June1,201 s Models Affected: Allproduct s Issue ...

Tech Note Batteries Batteries Models Affected: All products Issue: How batteries affect camera performance. June 1, 2010 Rev 1.0 Status: Released This document explains the importance of using the correct batteries, battery life, how the camera is affected when batteries get weak, and how to ...

Shipping Batteries Safely: What You Need to Know

Shipping Batteries Safely: What You Need to Know Batteries are an everyday staple of American life. From mp3-players and notebook computers, to motorized wheelchairs and cordless tools, batteries are everywhere.

Carolina Batteries

Carolina Batteries Phone: 843-346-0998 510 Runway Dr. Tollfree: 866-362-5133 Timmonsville, SC 29161 Fax: 843-346-0885 Http://www.carolinabatteries.com Email: sales@carolinabatteries.com Government Agency/ School: _____ Web Address (if applicable ...

Material Safety Data Sheet Sealed Lead Acid - AGM Type

Ventilation Charge batteries in a well ventalated area. Local Exhaust NA Mechanical (General) NA Gloves Use gloves when handling SLA batteries. Safety Glasses Always wear safety glasses when working with batteries and cells.