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Bearded Dragon Species Profile: Habitat, Diet, and Care Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff Quick Stats: Bearded Dragon Family: Agamidae Origin: Australia Size: Adult males up to 2 feet in length (including tail) Diet: Omnivorous: Chopped meat, crickets, pinky mice, earthworms, leafy greens ...

Bearded dragon eggs: laying and incubation

1 Bearded dragon eggs: laying and incubation Kathryn Tosney Below are excerpts on egg laying and incubation in bearded dragons (BD or beardies) that I (Kathryn Tosney; ktosney@umich.edu ) and others have written on the Pogona list, an internet discussion list dedicated to the topic of bearded ...

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps Bearded dragons are agamid lizards belonging to the genus Pogona; There are seven species, of which the most common in the pet trade is the P. vitticeps, or inland bearded dragon.

'What are these faces?' Interpreting Bearded Women in Macbeth

Renaissance Poetry and Drama in Context 'What are these faces?' Interpreting Bearded Women in Macbeth Brett D. Hirsch On the 16th of February 1631, Magdalena Ventura stands next to her husband while her infant son suckles on her exposed breast.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon What do we look like? Just like our name says, we have spiny beards on our jaws. Male dragons will present their beards when trying to ward off predators or other rival dragons.

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Pogona vitticeps Common Name: Bearded Dragon Where are they found? Australia Natural Habitat: Just about everywhere from sub-tropical woodlands to savannah to desert.

dogs of scotland - Bearded Collie

the dogs of scotland their varieties, history, characteristics, and exibition points. by d. j. thomson gray, f.z.s., ("whinstone") dundee james p. mathew & co., 17 and 19 cowgate edinboutgh and glasgow: jphm menzies & co. 1891 chapter x (pp. 165 -169) the highland or bearded collie.


Bearded irises have a fuzzy line, or beard, that runs down the middle of the falls. They are called German iris or pogoniris. Iris germanica is the most commonly grown bearded species.


310 970 1393 www.dragonsdenherp.com BEARDED DRAGONS ( Pogona vitticeps ) : We offer an amazing variety of colors, including new, hypomelanistic, leucistic and high-color morphs developed and bred exclusively at our facility.

a211 Iris Culture

Bearded irises need to be divided as shown here every four or five years to keep their vigor. Soon after the flowers fade, pry the entire clump gently out of the ground with a spading fork.