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Who's Beholden to Whom?

Who's Beholden to Whom 47 This free internet version is available at www.BlackBoxVoting.org 6 Who's Beholden to Whom? Everyone thinks we got into this mess because of irregularities exp osed during the Florida recount in November 2000.

Because they are typically not self-supporting and beholden ...

Because they are typically not self-supporting and beholden unto third parties for financial assistance, voluntary organizations face constant pressure to show that they are achieving what they said they would do

A Place in the Sun

A PlACe in tHe Sun - ZimBABWe 4 executive summary 1 . the aim of the mission was to investigate and report back on the state of the rule of law in Zimbabwe since the signing of the Global Political Agreement on 15 September 2008 .

RE: Lane et al. v. Facebook, et al. ,

Critics' argument that the Privacy Foundation will be beholden to Facebook is unfounded. The settlement agreement is clear that the distribution of the settlement funds will be administered by the Foundation, and not by Facebook: "the Privacy Foundation shall have sole and exclusive control ...


To lay this down at Caesar's feet, which we derive not from him, which we are not beholden to him for, were an unworthy action, and a degrading of our very nature.

The Presidency

1 Congress is beholden not to the president but to the individual constituencies of its members. Cabinet members often push their departmental interests and their constituencies (the Department of Agriculture has farmers as its constituency, for example).

Surah al-Muddaththir (74)

And make not beholden ...And make not beholden ...And make not beholden ...And make not beholden ... ‘Make not beholden’ (la> tamnun) applies to acts of bestowal.

Henry Karpus v. David A. Bell 03CIV1194-Reply Memordandum Of ...

As to the first argument, Plaintiff cites no case law, and there is none, supporting a proposition that directors are necessarily beholden to their company' s independent auditors in defending themselves in shareholder litigation.

Bush Environmental Legacy off to a Shaky Start

Whether or not the Bush Administration takes a middle road on the environment or remains beholden to the most conservative wing of its party is an open question.


Eco-governmentality Michael Goldman's recent work on the World Bank's version of environmentalism presents a provocative thesis concerning the kinds of 'eco-governmentality' brought to bear on countries beholden to what Fernando Coronil has called 'nature-intensive capitalism'.