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34 APRIL | MAY 2011 O ver the years, the accumulation of way too much “stuff” in our homes can often become a heavy burden, espe cially when it comes time to make a

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Name of Policy: Care of Patient Belongings and Valuables Policy Number: 3364-100-50-25 Approving Officer: Sr. Vice President & Executive Director, UTMC Responsible Agent: Sr. Vice President & Executive Director, UTMC TIll' lINIVF.I\SITY or TOLEDO Effective date: September 1, 2011 Initial ...


PS1070 SARASOTA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL POLICY TITLE: PATIENT VALUABLES/BELONGINGS POLICY #: EFFECTIVE DATE: REVIEWED/REVISED DATE: POLICY TYPE: PAGE: 01.PAT.74 12/15/99 09/25/09 Clinical Non-Clinical 1 of 5 Job Title of Reviewer: Associate Chief Nursing Officer PURPOSE: To provide guidance and assign ...

Hospital recommends that patients and visitors bring only ...

The following tips are provided to assist you with securing your personal belongings and valuables if not sent home:

Catawba County Emergency Medical Services

Catawba County Emergency Medical Services Standard Operating Guidelines 65 Approved 7/1/08 Transport of Patient Family Members and Belongings Often Catawba County EMS is requested to transport a patient's family member or belongings with the patient.

Sample Letter to Give Constable About Where to Bring Your ...

Sample Letter to Give Constable About Where to Bring Your Belongings If you do not want your belongings stored at a storage facility chosen by the landlord or constable, you need to put this request in writing .

Insurance for Personal Belongings

Insurance for Personal Belongings The Business Office wishes to remind parents of the need to contact your insurance agent to make sure there is adequate insurance coverage for your son/daughters personal belongings while they are away at college.

LESSON 4: Transport: Homes and Belongings

People of the Plains: Native Americans in Kansas Traveling Trunk Kansas State Historical Society ©1994 26 LESSON 4: Transport: Homes and Belongings Time 30 minutes Trunk Resources Graphics #9 Travois being pulled by a dog #10 Cheyenne women with a travois #31 Travois pulled by dog and travois ...


PERSONAL BELONGINGS INVENTORY Individual's Name: Site: CIS #: Individual to initial whenever an item is added or deleted. QUANTITY ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE DATE ADDED DATE DELETED INVENTORY REVIEW DATE STORED AT I have received my personal belongings at discharge: Individual's/Guardian's Printed ...


The LOCK your car, TAKE your keys and HIDE your belongings program was designed the Dallas Police Department and became effective in June 2004. This program is jointly enforced by the Code Compliance Department.