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Biosafety, Biosecurity and the Evaluation of Biohazards

Microsoft Word - Biosafety and Biohazard Evaluation Facilitators Manual_final.doc


NO Standard BL3 laboratory • Biosafety pracAces and procedures should depend on the following factors: • Agent • Pathogenicity, ost range • Stability, ransmission route • Endemicity • AcAvity • Volume, Ktre • AerosolisaKon risk, animal ...

Biosafety Officers, Behavioral Compliance Strategies, and ...

75 Introduction What is the role of a biosafety officer? In our opinion, the role of a biosafety officer is to ensure containment of laboratories and minimize the likelihood of biological exposure to laboratory workers, those working in the laboratory building, their families, and the ...

A Guide to Biosafety & Biological Safety Cabinets

Foreword This booklet was developed as a guide to biological safety cabinets and provides basic knowledge of biosafety and biological safety cabinets.


Stanford Laboratory Standard & Design Guide Biosafety Level 2 Laboratories Version 2.0/ 10-03 Section 3 Page1 Section 3: BIOSAFETY LEVEL 2 LABORATORIES TABLE OF CONTENTS P age A. Regulations, Standards and References 3-2 B. Scope 3-2 C. Ventilation Considerations for Biosafety Level 2 ...

Biosafety Manual for Texas Tech University

i table of contents. important telephone numbers.....1 . policy statement..... 1


I N TRO D U C TIO N Research on and diagnosis of highly pathogenic organisms in containment level 3 and 4 laboratories are very important for human public health since they provide opportunities for the development of vaccines and novel therapeutics as well as diagnostic methods to control ...


BIOSAFETY CABINETS Note: All Biosafety cabinet purchases at Stanford University must be approved by the Biosafety officer. Biosafety cabinets are used to provide primary containment in the laboratory when the investigator is using potentially infectious materials.

Major RAC concerns

Biosafety Considerations for Research with Lentiviral Vectors Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) Guidance Document Background: The use of lentiviral vectors has been increasing because the vector system has attractive features; however, such research also raises biosafety issues.

Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Michigan Laboratories ...

Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Michigan Laboratories Handling And Processing Specimens Associated with Influenza Key Messages Information is subject to modification.