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The Mystery of Raoul Wallenberg's Death

The Mystery of Raoul Wallenberg's Death Vadim J. Birstein Page 1 of 6 © Vadim J. Birstein 2006 This article was first published in Russia by Evreiskie novosti : "Raoul Wallenberg.

Interrogations in Lubyanka

Interrogations in Lubyanka Vadim J. Birstein Page 1 of 7 © Vadim J. Birstein 2006 This article was first published in Russia by Novoe vremya : "Doprosy na Lubyanke," No.1 (1993), pp. 42-43.

Sept./Oct. 2009/ 23 - In

By Andrew Firestone The following is a revised version of an article which appeared in the Journal of the Jewish Museum of Aus tralia, April 2009 In 1949 when Yossel Birstein’s volume of poems

Molecular Phylogeny of Acipenseridae: Nonmonophyly ...

293 BIRSTEIN ET AL.—MOLECULAR PHYLOGENY OFACIPENSERIDAE Psephurusgladius , by Q. Weiinthe Yangtze River (China); of A. sturio , by P. Williotinthe Gironde River (France); of H. huso , by T. Gulyasinthe Romanian part of the Black Sea; of P. hermanni and P. kaufmanni , by V. Salnikovinthe Amu Darya River ...

The Sturgeons: Fragile Species Need Conservation

Although a few species of Acipenser are still underrevision, usually 24-25 extant sturgeon and two paddlefish species are included in the Acipenseriformes (Birstein et al. , 1997).

Mysida Classification, January 20, 2010

Mysida Classification, January 20, 2010, Page 3 Dactylamblyops stenurus Murano, 1969 Dactylamblyops tenella Birstein & Tchindonova, 1958 Dactylamblyops thaumatops Tattersall, W., 1907 Genus Dactylerythrops Holt & Tattersall, 1905a ...

Ayurvedic medicine in Germany Gunnar Stollberg1

Ayurvedic medicine in Germany Gunnar Stollberg 1 Paper presented within the 22 nd International Congress of the History of Science, Beijing, 24 th to 30 th July, 2005 Introduction While Ayurveda is popular in the German mass media and in the wellness area 2, it is rather small in the medical sphere.


The items of evidence secured after the journey to Birstein, such as J.'s corpse and the autopsy report thereon and the tyre tracks from the applicant's car at the pond, had been of an accessory nature only and had been used merely to test the veracity of the applicant's confession at the trial.

Status, trends and management of sturgeon and paddlefish ...

In the 20th century, catch peaked in the 1970s (27300 tonnes), but declined steadily thereafter to 1388 tonnes in 2002 (Fig. 4; FISHSTAT; De Meulenaerand Raymakers 1996; Artyukhin 1997; Birstein 1997a; Levin 1997; Khodorevskayaet al. 2000; Secoretal. 2000; Vaismanand Raymakers 2001).

Polyodon spathula

In: V. Birstein, J.R. Waldman, and W.E. Bemis (ed). Sturgeon Biodiversity and Conservation . Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Environment Biology of Fishes 48: 279-289.