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Kamada H Maeda, M Matsumoto, N Handa, H Hougaku, S Ogawa, T ...

670 Reactivit ofCerebral BloodFlowto Carbon Dioxide in Various Types ofIschemic Cerebrovascular Disease: Evaluation bythe Transcranial DopplerMethod

Heat & Water Exchange Occurs on The Surface

... Most animals regulate body temperature-Ectotherms: primarily through behavior-Endotherms: through both behavior andphysiology-All animals produce heat •muscular activity •metabolism •digestion-Animals shed heat through •evaporation •bloodflowto surface Thermal Neutral Zone •Range of ambient ...


DISCUSSION The blood flow in an organ can be measured quantitatively using PET, which also allows repeat measurements to be performed noninvasively and under physiologic conditions becauseof the useof veryshort-lived positrons.Bloodflowto hepatictumorsmost often is suppliedsolely fromthe hepatic ...

Living well with lupus

If the bloodflowto the brain is stopped, the result maybe a stroke. People with lupus often have one or more risk factors for atherosclerosis. A study done b y researchers at the University of Toronto Lupus Clinic in 2003 found that women with lupus are more likely to have risk factors for heart disease than ...


Theuse of88Rb for measurement ofnutrient bloodflowto musclehas beenvali-dated in anaesthetized and unanaesthetized animals (Reis et al. 1967; Friedman,

Scaphoid Fractures

Scaphoid fractures Scaphoid fractures  Ligament of Testut  Ligament of Testut-Radioscapholunate-Radioscapholunate ligament ligament-Some bloodflowto-Some bloodflowto scaphoidbut mainly to scaphoidbut mainly to lunate lunate

Urology for the Internist

•If not suspicious of torision, obtain scrotal U/S •U/S may reveal enlarged epi., scrotal wall thickening, and documents bloodflowto both epi. & testicle •Even with IV antibiotics, testicle may not survive so need to discuss this with patient at onset

Horwitz and JV Weil IM Dauber, KM VanBenthuysen, IF McMurtry ...

correlatedwiththe severity ofischemic bloodflowto thatregion measuredwithmicrospheres. Endothelial injury also was evident after 15 and 30 minutes of ischemia as impaired

Cooching Kids

The circulatory system increases bloodflowto the skin, andtheheatis lost by radiation and evaporation of sweat. Coaches shouldbe conscious of this process, particularly during hot and dry weather, when exces-sive sweating and evaporation maY produce a loss in total body fluid that can result in dehydration.