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Bobbed Tank for 2000-up Softail

347 BIG TWIN 2000-up Tank Mount Kit includes all hardw are bushings and front bolt with chrome cap nuts. VT No. 37-9367 Bobbed Tank for 2000-up Softail 38-0388 2000-06 ST 2"Stretch Tanks are 4.2 gallon tanks.

Bobbed Gas Tank for Dyna & FXR

345 BIG TWIN Bobbed Tank Kits for FXD and FXR models are 4 gallon available with chrome cast dash assemblies which include a Bob type 6 post key switch and a plain dash base.

Taillight & Bracket Kit for Bobbed Fenders

1061 MUL T I FIT/CHOPPER Taillight & Bracket Kit for Bobbed Fenders 1980-99 ST Snake Eye License Plate & Tail Bracket Kit. VT No. Item 33-0438 Kit 33-0439 Taillight Only Chrome Deco Taillight Mount is designed to accept Lucas style or Cateye taillight, with license plate.

You've Been Booed!

You've Been Booed! The air is cool, the season fall, Soon Halloween will come to all The spooks are after things to do In fact, a spook brought this to you Boo is a shield from witching hour Just hang it up and watch it's power On your front door is where it works It wards off spooks and scary ...

1936-69 Big Twin Gas Tanks

675 CLASSIC 1936-69 Big Twin Gas Tanks Flathead BT & Knucklehead 3 1/2 Gallon Bobbed Tank Set. 1940-46 features handshift mounts and shut off rod provis ion, order shut off rod and seat kit separately. 1936-40 features handshift mounts and accept petcocks VT No. 35-0499 and 35-0497.

W Catalog Final Layout 12/17

Model 908 Caliber: 9mm • Action: Traditional Double Action Frame: Compact • Capacity: 8+1 Rounds • Barrel Length: 3-1/2" Hammer: .260"Bobbed • Trigger: .305" Smooth • External Safety: Single Side • Front Sight: White Dot •Rear Sight: Fixed 2-Dot • Grip: Straight Backstrap ...

Primary Non-Disjunction in Drosophila Hydei

Bobbed (b) at 62.6 was reported by Clausen ('23), and an allelomorph (b 2), was recorded by Spencer ('27). Clausen's bobbed was used in this study.

THE Martha K. scraped her mooring on Sitka's waterfront as ...

THE Martha K. scraped her mooring on Sitka's waterfront as she bobbed gently on the waves created by a passing salmon troller. Herman Kitka, her owner, a full-blooded Tlingit Indian, "the best of the Tlingit sealers," was tying halibut hooks when I stepped aboard.

Field Stripping &Armorers Maintenance Manual

double action only user, variants 5, 6, and 7 of the USP operate as double action only pistols with a bobbed hammer always returning to the DA position ...

th Wesson

Some bobbed-hammer variat ions have been noted. Acontroversial intern al "storage lock" was added in 2001, exposing an "ugly hole" just above the cylinder release.