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Class 15 and Class 66 Bobbins

MA C HINE A CC E S SO R IE S bobbins 1 Class 15 and Class 66 Bobbins Bobbins are an essential part of good stitch formation. It's important to use the right bobbin in your sewing machine.

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Clean the bobbin case when you can no longer get enough tension on the bobbin. For example, when the adjustment screw is turned all the way down or the bobbin tension

NEW! Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case

NEW! Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case #920033096 READY: Create beautiful bobbin work, also called reverse decorative stitch embroidery with the Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case which features a large bypass slot for heavy threads and fine yarns or cords and an adjustable tension ...

Bobbin work kit Operation Manual

1 BEFORE YOU START Thank you for choosing our product. This manual describes the procedures for sewing bobbin work. For specific details on operating the machine, refer to the Operation Manual provided with your machine.

Class 15 / Style A Bobbins - 3031 James St Baltimore MD 21230 ...

3031 James St Baltimore MD 21230 www.AllStitch.com AllStitch Embroidery Supplies: Home Embroidery Machine Bobbin Size Comparison Chart This information has been provided to us by our customers, we can not be held accountable for incorrect information.

Ellegante Bobbin Case and Center Pin for Embroidery

Ellegante Bobbin Case and Center Pin for Embroidery Because you have sophisticated embroidery needs, we've developed a system for you to be able to customize your bobbin.

Making 16th Century Bobbin Lace

Page 1 of 10 Bobbin-Lace-art - 10/4/01 "Making 16th Century Bobbin Lace" by Mistress Francesca la Curiosa. These are the updated class notes from the class she taught at Pennsic 30.


There are three main types of bobbin winder. Before you start to dismantle one and work on it, you firstly need to identify which type it is. And then familiarise yourself with how it works.

Spend Your Summer at Camp BoBBin Hollow

B obbin Hollow Equestrian Center is pleased to announce the addition of Ashley Turner as an Associate Instructor. Originally from Pennsylvania, Ashley is an experienced trainer.

S Bobbin Case Adjustment

Singer T&S Bobbin Case Adjustment & Inspection In this section, we will take apart the bobbin case, inspect for broken parts, and re-assemble. When completed, it should be fairly close to being adjusted properly, and in good working order.