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Effects of the atombic bomb on Hirsohima and Nagasaki

Group to secure information concerning general Japanese activities in the field of atomic bombs. The first two groups were organized to accompany the first American troops into Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


CHAPTER 1 BOMBS, FUZES, AND ASSOCIATED COMPONENTS Bombs must be manufactured to withstand reasonable heat and be insensitive to the shock of ordinary handling.

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"was the a-bomb necessary"

Was the A-Bomb Necessary (October 5, 2005) 3 One of the first and most important points of argument focuses on the number of casualties that Harry S. Truman believed would result from the American invasion of Japan had he not ordered the use of the atomic bombs in August 1945.

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Bug Bombs: Overkill Can Be Dangerous

More information Washington State Department of Health Pesticide Program: 1-877-485-7316 www.doh.wa.gov/ehp/ts/Pest/ National Pesticide Information Center 1-800-858-7378 www.npic.orst.edu Washington State University Pesticide Education: http://pep.wsu.edu/ For poisoning emergencies Washington ...


MINIATURE PRACTICE BOMBS AN-Mk 5 Mod 1, AN-Mk 23, AN-Mk 43 Description. These bombs are used for low-altitude horizontal, or dive-bombing practice.

Dirty Bomb Explosion Description

It is important to distinguish between nuclear bombs and dirty bombs, which are vastly different in their levels of destruction and lethality. While nuclear bombs‟ highly radioactive material spreads tens to hundreds of square miles, dirty bomb explosions would likely spread a small amount of ...

Developing the Flying Bomb

These were installed in an airplane which could be catapulted or flown from the water and would mount to a predetermined altitude, fly a pre-set course, and, after traveling a pre-set distance, drop its bombs or dive to the ground.

Toward Universal Empire The Dangerous Quest for Absolute Security

David C. Hendrickson is professor of political science at Colorado College and chair of the department. His latest book is Peace Pact: The Lost World of the American Founding, which will be published by the University Press of Kansas in March 2003.