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SCOPE OF AGREEMENT : Artist hereby employs Agent and Agent hereby accepts employment as Artist's exclusive booking agent throughout the United States with respect to Artist's services, ...

EF's Booking Conditions

These Booking Conditions are valid for all EF tours departing the United States from October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2012. All tours are operated outside the United States by EF Cultural Travel Ltd., Switzerland, hereafter referred to as "EF".

Shell banks and booking offices - Basel Committee - January 2003

Members of the Working Group on Cross-Border Banking Co-Chairs: Mr Charles Freeland, Deputy Secretary General, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Mr Colin Powell, Chairman, Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors, and Chairman, Jersey Financial Services Commission Bermuda Monetary Authority Mr ...

LASD Inmate Information Center - Booking Details

(The information was current as of: 09/02/2010 03:51 PST) ( VINELink Search For Another Inmate ) Back To The Search Result Booking No.: 2462686 Last Name: HARRIS First Name: CLIFFORD Middle Name:


1 BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS Go2Africa (Pty) Ltd provides a tailor-made travel administrative service assisting with your itinerary, reservation and payment requirements by liaising with the supplier of travel services and products on your behalf ("the Services") .

F-05.200 Reports: Arrest/Booking Paperwork

Order F-05 DEPARTMENT REPORTS CHANDLER POLICE DEPARTMENT GENERAL ORDERS Serving with Courage, Pride, and Dedication Subject 200 Arrest / Booking Paperwork Effective 01/23/09 A. ARREST / BOOKING PAPERWORK [82.2.1] [1.2.5] Deliver completed appropriate forms to on-duty Records specialists: Figure 1.

Pre-Booking Diversion Report

MEMORANDUM DATE: January 2009 TO: Mental Health and Criminal Justice System Leaders FROM: Rusty Selix, Executive Director RE: Jail Diversion Programs This report is a detailed paper studying various criminal justice diversion programs that is a culmination of work done by Rachel Scherer a recent ...

TANDBERG Management Suite - 3rd Party Booking API

TANDBERG Management Suite 3rd Party Booking API Software version 9.x TANDBERG D13566 Rev 02 This document is not to be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission in writing from: TANDBERG

Cash Booking Bonus at Grand Wailea 2011

EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND Cash Booking Bonus at Grand Wailea 2011 Booking and travel dates: Now - December 31, 2011 $100 for bookings at Ho'olei at Grand Wailea $50 for bookings at Grand Wailea *See back for more details, official rules and restrictions.

Advanced Booking Scripts

Advanced Booking Scripts! By...Senior Sales Director Sarah Hjelle-Bjorgaard BOOKING WITH A CHALLENGE : "Hi ___, this is ___ with Mary Kay, I am so excited I just had to call you...do you have a quick minute?