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Working for the Great Outdoors Botanist

Forest Service botanists also contribute their skills to a variety of activities including lichen monitoring for air quality, identifying native plant species for watershed restoration projects, and developing nature trails.

Professional Botanist Certification Program

California Native Plant Society Professional Botanist Certification Program Guidelines and Requirements Draft Proposal of 26 August 2002 Defining a Standard Since the 1960's, botanists have been actively involved in setting environmental policy and influencing decision-making in our society.

State Botanist

Develop and maintain professional relationships with the environmental and scientific communities in the state in order to further the goals and objectives of the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program and interact professionally with botanists at the state, regional, and national level.


botanists; graduate students to get project ideas from agency botanists and to meet professional botanists in Northern California. Have a great symposium.

Northern California Botanists

Northern California Botanists * present a two-day symposium: THE INTERFACE BETWEEN RESEARCH AND MANAGEMENT IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA BOTANY 18 - 19 January 2007 California State University Chico Performing Arts Center (PAC 134) BE PART OF THIS HISTORIC FIRST SYMPOSIUM OFFERED BY NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ...

Ethics and the Consulting Botanist

Proposed Code of Ethics Proposed Code of Ethics WHEREAS professional botanists are a vital component to the field of sciences regarding floristics; vegetation classification, mapping, and description; plant ecology; conservation; vegetation management; impact assessments; mitigation design ...

Canaveral National Seashore (CANA) is a utopia for botanists

Plants Overview Canaveral National Seashore (CANA) is a utopia for botanists. Over 1,000 species of plants have been recorded in the park and surrounding area.

Jane Colden: Colonial American Botanist

As to his system on which they are founded, botanists are not yet agreed about it." But by 1743 Collinson was able to report to Linnaeus, "Your system, I can tell you obtams much in America.

A Botanist's View of the Big Tree1

Most botanists writing about the Big Tree from the time of its scientific naming until well into this century have referred to it as Sequoia gigantea.

The New Mexico Botanist, Issue No

It will focus on floristic and taxonomic information of interest to the botanists of the state, such as new state records, nomenclatural notes and explanations, pertinent literature, reports of inventories and theses, threatened and endangered species, announcements and reports of meetings and ...