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Bottled Water

Stringent Regulation: A Key to Bottled Water's Safety, Quality and Good Taste

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Bottled Water Q&A brochure answers the most commonly asked questions about bottled water in a consumer-friendly, easy-to-read format. Some of the questions include: ...

But It's Just a Bottle of Water…

Sally's mom insisted on getting bottled water for her daughter because of her fi rm belief that bottled water was safer and cleaner than tap water.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Bottled water basics ..... pg.2 Advice for people with severely compromised immune systems (Sidebar)..... pg2

Water Bottles

Lesson 8 Operation Water Pollution Water Bottles One of the problems with bottled water is the bottle that the water comes in. These bottles can cause major problems in the environment and for the person drinking from them.


What About Bottled Water? MULTI-PURE VS BOTTLED WATER COSTS COMPARE AND SAVE! 750 gallons of Bottled Water = $2,132.82 750 gallons of Multi-Pure filtered water = 69.95

James P McMahon

Sparkling bottled waters may be labeled as "sparkling drinking water," "sparkling mineral water," "sparkling spring water," etc. Artesian Water/Artesian Well Water - Bottled water from a well that taps a confined aquifer ...

Learning the Facts and Taking Action

global corporate threat cost of bottled water reducing our carbon footprint awash in plastic bottles water quality toxicity barb williams in 2006, ...

Bottled Water Industry

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Drinking water Alternatives

Drinking water Alternatives Cornell Cooperative Extension, College of Human Ecology Bottled Water A RIZ R. M EHTA , A NN T. L EMLEY AND J OHN J. S CHWARTZ Fact Sheet 11, 1999 11 Water is classified as bottled if it is sealed in a sanitary container, sold for human consumption, and meets all ...