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... Cooperation in Animal Biologics An OIE Collaborating Center Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine BOT_H0805 Botulism Shaker Foal Syndrome, Limberneck, ...

What is botulism?

State of California September 2005 Department of Health Services 1 BOTULISM What is botulism? Botulism is a rare but serious paralytic illness caused by a nerve toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum .

What is botulism?

What is botulism? Adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention How can botulism be treated? The respiratory failure and paralysis that occur with severe botulism may require a patient to be on a breathing machine (ventilator) for weeks, plus intensive medical and nursing care.


ODH-IDCM BOTULISM Page 1/Section 3 Revised 7/2011 BOTULISM (Foodborne, Infant, Wound) REPORTING INFORMATION  Class A (foodborne): Report immediately via telephone the case or suspected case and/or a positive laboratory result to the local public health department where the patient resides.


Wound botulism A review of 40 cases of wound botulism published in the literature (Mechem & Walter, 1994) showed that most of these cases involved puncture wounds, ...

Facts about Botulism

October 14, 2001 Page 1 of 1 B OTULISM FACT SHEET Facts about Botulism Botulism is a muscle-paralyzing disease caused by a toxin made by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum .

Horses are highly susceptible to botulism toxins; vaccination ...

December 2007 The horse www.TheHorse.com B otulism is an often-lethal disease caused by a bacterial toxin. Although the disease can affect nearly all warmblooded animals, it is particularly deadly in horses, because they are more sensitive to the effects of the toxin than other animals.


IMMEDIATELY NOTIFIABLE TO DOH: 1-877-539-4344 Potential Bioterrorism Agent: Category A Botulism (Foodborne, Wound, Other) 1. DISEASE REPORTING A. Purposes of Reporting and Surveillance 1.

Botulism Fact Sheet

Kent County Health Department Botulism Fact Sheet General Public Fact Sheet What is botulism? Botulism is a rare but serious illness that can paralyze.

foodborne disease outbreak investigation, botulism

Botulism in Argentina INSTRUCTOR'S VERSION Original investigators: Rodrigo G. Villar, MD, 1 Roger L. Shapiro, MD, 1 Silvina Busto, MD, MPH, 2 Clara Rive-Posse, MD, MPH, 3 Guadalupe Verdejo MD, MPH, 4 Maria Isabel Farace, DVM, 5 Francisco Rosetti, MS, 5 Jorge A. San Juan, MD, 6 Carlos Maria Julia ...