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White Bracts of the Dove Tree ( Davidia involucrata ...

P ollen movement in flowering plants depends on various vectors including animals, wind, and water. Compared to wind- or water-pollinated flowers, animal-pollinated flowers are generally showier, often with bright colors.

Multifunctional Bracts in the Dove Tree Davidiainvolucrata ...

vol. 171, no. 1 the american naturalistjanuary 2008 Natural History Note Multifunctional Bracts in the Dove Tree Davidiainvolucrata (Nyssaceae: Corn ales): Rain Protection and Pollinator Attraction Ji-Fan Sun, 1, * Yan-Bing Gong, 1, † SusanneS.

Defense and carnivory: Dual role of bracts in Passiflora foetida

J. Biosci·, Vol. 20, Number 5, December 1995, pp 657-664. ©.Printed in India. Defense and carnivory: Dual role of bracts in Passiflora foetida T R RADHAMANI †, L SUDARSHANA* and RANI KRISHNAN** Promotion of Research and Developmental Efforts in Selected Crops (Sunflower), P C Unit ...

Variation in Marginal Bract Trichome Density in Upland Cotton

To determine variation in bract trichome density over cultivars and environments, bracts were evaluated for multiple cultivars at multiple sites over four years.

Effect of sucrose and kinetin on the quality and vase life of ...

bracts (Saifuddin et al., 2010; Saifuddin 2009a). The et al., actual flower of the plant is small and generally white, but each cluster of three flowers is surrounded by three or six bracts with

Chapter 4 Effect of calcium treatments on bract browning

higher concentrations of calcium in the mid-portion of bracts and lower concentrations along bract margins (Stromme et al., 1994). Jacques et al.


Dartmouth Studies in Tropical Ecology 2004 126 I NTRODUCTION Flowering plants (Division: Anthophyta) are the largest and most successful plant group on earth today.


The bracts are red, dark pink, or purple, while the small flowers are cream colored. Its thorns are large and may be curved. The growth habit is dense, and the colorful bracts appear up and down the branches.

Increasing Stem Elongation and Bract Size of Poinsettia ...

211 At the conclusion of the experiment (38 to 40 d after FBC), the largest three branches were identified on each plant and the five largest individual bracts per branch were removed (15 bracts per plant) to measure the bract area.

Decorating with Poinsettias

The colorful part of the poinsettia is not the flowers, as is commonly thought, but the colored leaf-like bracts. The actual flowers, located in the center of the colored bracts, are relatively inconspicuous.