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Dr. David M. Brani, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. David M. Brani, Ph.D., P.E. Dr. Brani has experience in the fields of product failures, building code compliance, industrial accidents and thermal & fluid systems including HVAC and other mechanical systems.

EM Algorithm and Mixtures.

ISyE8843A, Brani Vidakovic Handout 12 1 EM Algorithm and Mixtures. 1.1 Introduction The Expectation-Maximization (EM) iterative algorithm is a broadly applicable statistical technique for maximizing complex likelihoods and handling the incomplete data problem.


bus guide-tpt-kt-bt (JUL 11).cdr. Bus ServiceNo. 35- BTBBS To Brani Terminal To KeppelEntrance 0815125516552015025008301310171020300305 0825133517352055035008351350175021100405 0835135517552140045008401400180521500505 0855141518252210060009101430184022350615 ...


The following berth clearances are applicable for berthing and unberthing vessels at PSA Container Terminals: a) DISTANCES TO ADJACENT VESSEL AT NON-TIDAL BERTH LOA OF VESSEL (m) DAY/NIGHT CLEARANCE (m) OVERALL CLEARANCE (m) ≤ 150 7 14 > 150 - 220 10 20 > 220 - 250 15 30 >250 20 40 b ...

ISyE8843A, Brani Vidakovic Handout 9 1 Bayesian Computation.

The asymptotic covariance matrix is H ¡1 (µ M)=(H(µ)) ¡1 j µ=µM The proof can be found in standard texts on asymptotic theory. Example: Bernoulli’s.

I. Earned Degrees 7/92 Ph.D. in Statistics

Brani Vidakovic Professor of Statistics The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University School of Medicine 2101 Whitaker Building

Bayesian Modeling in the Wavelet Domain

This is page 1 Printer: Opaque this Bayesian Modeling in the Wavelet Domain Fabrizio Ruggeri and Brani Vidakovic ABSTRACT Wavelets are the building blocks of wavelet transforms the same way that the functions e inx are the building blocks of the ordinary Fouriertransform.

Denoisingozone concentration measurements with BAMS filtering

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136 (2006) 2395-2405 www.elsevier.com/locate/jspi Denoisingozone concentration measurements with BAMS filtering Gabriel Katul a, 1, Fabrizio Ruggeri b , 2, Brani Vidakovic c , ∗ , 3 a Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0251, USA b CNR-IMATI, I-20133 ...

ISyE8843A, Brani Vidakovic

ISyE8843A, Brani Vidakovic Handout5 1 Priors A prior is a sword and Achilles heel of Bayesian statistics. Priors are carriers of prior information that is coherently incorporated via Bayestheoremto the inference.

ISyE8843A,BraniVidakovic Handout10 1 MCMC Methodology ...

ISyE8843A,BraniVidakovic Handout10 1 MCMC Methodology. IndependenceofX1;:::;Xn isnotcriticalforanapproximationoftheformE µjx h(X)= 1 n P n i=1 h(Xi); Xi »