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Breastfeeding 187 Breastfeeding As a mother, one of the best things that only you can do for your baby is to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is more than a lifestyle choice—it is an important health choice, and any amount of time that you can do it will help both you and your baby.

FAQ029 -- Breastfeeding Your Baby

Why is breastfeeding good for my baby? There are many reasons why breastfeeding is best for your baby: • The colostrum —a yellow, watery pre-milk—that your breasts make for the first few days after birth helps your newborn's digestive system grow and function.

Breastfeeding: Weaning

Breastfeeding: Weaning Page 1 of 2 Breastfeeding: Weaning What is weaning? Weaning is the process of gradually replacing breastfeeding with other sources of nutrition.


INFANT NUTRITION AND FEEDING 51 Breast milk is the optimal food for infants. A mother's breast milk has the perfect combination of nutrients needed for her infant's growth and development.

Your Guide to Breastfeeding

2 Your g uide to Breastfeeding January 2011 Introduction The experience of breastfeeding is special for so many reas ons, including: The joyful bonding with your baby •* The perfect nutrition only you can provide •* The cost savings •* The*health*benefits*for*both*mother*and*baby •* In ...

Breastfeeding Update

Carolyn Griffith Kelley, PhD My Insufficient Milk Supply I stared in disbelief at my physician as she diagnosed my four week-old daughter with "failure to thrive".

your hospitalized baby

Breastfeeding your hospitalized baby was written by Nancy May Hurst, R.N., M.S.N., I.B.C.L.C. Manager, Lactation Support Program Texas Children's Hospital With editorial assistance and review by: Ann Myatt, B.S.N.,


Breastfeeding how to support success A practical guide for health workers by Tine Vinther and Elisabet Helsing, Ph.D. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION REGIONAL OFFICE FOR EUROPE

The CDC Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions

Katherine R. Shealy, MPH, IBCLC, RLC Ruowei Li, MD, PhD Sandra Benton-Davis, RD, LD Laurence M. Grummer-Strawn, PhD The CDC Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions

Breastfeeding Update

Elya Boies, MD Near-term infants, that is, infants born three to five weeks before their due date, are often those infants with "breastfeeding problems".