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Brick, Stucco, Housewrap and Building Paper

1 Brick, Stucco, Housewrap and Building Paper Research Report - 0105 2001 Joseph Lstiburek Abstract: The manufacturers of housewraps have for years promoted the fantasy that water vapor in wall assemblies only moves one way - from the inside out.

Efflorescence: Cause and Control

Investigation of the Source of Efflorescence of Brick Masonry , Donald W. Bolme and Lester P. Berriman, Stanford Research Institute, Clay Products Promotional Fund, 1960.

"The Basics of Brickwork Details"

GLAZED BRICK Because water cannot escape through the face of a glazed brick, the evaporation of water through the face of the masonry is severely limited and large amounts of water may be trapped in the veneer.


TYPICAL FOUNDATION DETAILS CHIMNEY CAP DETAIL TYPICAL SECTION AND FLASHING DETAIL TYPICAL LINTEL, JAMB AND SILL DETAILS TYPICAL EAVE DETAILS 2-Hour Fire Rated Brick Veneer Wall Assembly Typical brick veneer wall assemblies have fire ratings of up to 2 hours.

VSI-092 8.5x7 readerspreads:17x7

The Truth About Vinyl Siding and Brick VSI-092 8.5x7 readerspreads:17x7

TECHNICAL OTESon Brick Construction

Brick Veneer/Steel Stud Walls Abstract: This echnical Note ddresses the considerations and recommendations for the sign, detailing, material selection and construction of brick veneer/steel stud walls.

Paving and surfacing Prest® Brick

Product Name: Hanover ® Prest ® Brick maNufacturer: Hanover ® Architectural Products, 5000 Hanover Road, Hanover, PA 17331 * * * 717.637.0500**•**Fax**717.637.7145 * * * info@hanoverpavers.com**•**www.hanoverpavers.com 1 Product desigN: Basic Use: Most any area capable of being paved can ...

1999, No. 3 Newsletter

continued on page 3 A Quarterly Publication of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey 1999, No. 3 A view of the brick works of the Carrollton Granite Brick Company in Carrollton (Carroll County), circa 1900.