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Domestic Gas Pipework: Part 2 - Installation and Testing

Copper tube and fittings Copper tube to EN 1057 can be used for gas installations. It can be jointed using EN 1254 capillary or compression fittings.

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greenstar wall mounted condensing boiler for central heating and mains fed domestic hot water installation and servicing instructions gc numbers greenstar zwbr 7-25 a23 (n.g.) 47 311 44 greenstar zwbr 11-25 a31 (l.p.g.) 47 311 45 this appliance is for use on sealed primary systems only important ...

Installation & Service Instructions

The gas installation should be in accordance with BS6891. 3. Installation Requirements 3.1 General Information Optional Extras Various flue extensions, bends, vertical flue kits, control accessories etc. are available as optional extras.


Test the gas supply pipework to the appliance for soundness as indicated in BS6891. If the appliance is not to be commissioned immediately, replace the cabinet front panel.

installation and servicing

installation and servicing isar + programmer Your Ideal installation and servicing guide ENGINEERED FOR PEACE OF MIND When replacing any part on this appliance, use only spare parts that you can be assured conform to the safety and performance specification that we require.


This supply should be suitably sized to conform to British Standards requirements of no more than 1.0 mbar (0.4 in wg) pressure drop (see table of discharge in BS6891).


Ensure that the pipe work does not cause obstruction for Burner and Control assembly removal. 4.7.2Test the gas installation for gas soundness, and purge in accordance with BS6891. 4.8 FINAL ASSEMBLY: 4.8.1Connect the ignition lead to the Piezo unit. 4.8.2Fix the lighting instruction label to the exposed ...

Glow-worm 45/2 Back Boiler Unit

On completion test the gas installation using the pressure drop method and suitable leak detection fluid, purge in accordance with the current issue of BS6891. 1.4 Electrical Supply WARNING.

30B, 40B, 50B & 60B balanced flue gas fired boiler

All Systems The whole of the gas installation including the meter should be inspected and tested for soundness and purged in accordance with the recommendations of BS6891.

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•Standards met: BS6891, MARC Solubility, DIN 851, ASTM B813/93, Water, Central Heating and Gas Services. •WRAS - Listed BS6920 by the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme as a material which has passed full tests of effect on water quality - Directory Reference number 9908510.