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Bumblebees What should we know about them? By Khalil Hamdan Apeldoorn The Netherlands Scientific Classification Scientific name: Bombus, meaning, "a buzzing or booming sound" Family: Apidae Order: Hymenoptera (the group of insects that includes ants, bees and wasps) Biology and Behaviour ...

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National Bee Unit Food and Environment Research Agency Sand Hutton, York. YO41 1 LZ Telephone 01 904 462 510 e mail nbu@fera.gsi.gov.uk NBU Web Site: www.nationalbeeunit.com

the BEE deli

Locally Owned by "Bumble Bee" Bob and BJ Weil & Executive Chef Chris Galvin BUMBLE BEE BURRITO Jack and cheddar, grilled peppers andonions guacamole, Bumble Bee's signature salsa.

Welcome to Bumble Bees and Ladybugs

Welcome to Bumble Bees and Ladybugs Experience the FUN of a Bumblebees & Ladybugs event! Looking for a great children's consignment sale in Central Nebraska?

Bumblebees Bumblebee by Alan Price

How many species of bumblebee are there in the How many species of bumblebee are there in the How many species of bumblebee are there in the How many species of bumblebee are there in the

About bumblebees

About bumblebees Bumblebees are among the most endearing and familiar of garden insects. The sight and sound of bees droning methodically from flower to flower is a quintessential part of a summer's day.

Bumblebees; our native pollinators

1 Bumblebee Photo: Trounce/Wikimedia commons Bumblebees; our native pollinators By Bruce Wenning Bumblebees (Bomb us sp. ) are large, hairy, robust bees with black and yellow body markings, sometimes with a touch of orange.


Page 1 of 3 BUMBLEBEES : SOME BASIC FACTS What's the Difference Between Bumblebees and other bees? Bees can be broadly categorised into three groups: HONEYBEES - These are domesticated, form long-lived social colonies that live in hives and are cared for by beekeepers.


PLS-12 June 2004 WSU Puyallup BUMBLE BEES By Art Antonelli and Jenny Rebecca Glass The Pacific Northwest has probably a dozen or more species of bumble bees.

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September 1, 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lynn Strauss Email: lynn.strauss@browndogs.org Phone: 505-412-0319 Web: www.bumblebeesbajagrill.com Santa Fe chef loves a challenge Santa Fe, NM - Fodor's, Frommer's, New York Times -- they all love Bumble Bee's Baja Grill in New Mexico for the ...