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Spicy Pete makes a variety of burritos to fit every taste! 1. Classic Breakfast Burrito 2. Classic HOT (a little extra jalapenos !) 3. * Classic Sausage (with cut link sausage) 4.

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Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Lunch & Dinner Lunch & Dinner Lunch & Dinner Lunch & Dinner 6 Foot --$ $ 59 59.99.99 3 Foot--$ $ 35 35.99.99 6 Foot--$ $ 69.99 69.99 3 Foot--$ $ 39.99 39.99 All burritos wrapped in Homemade Style Flour Tortillas and filled with beans, rice and your choice of meat inside.


Every week, Americans purchase more than one million Deli Express sandwiches, subs and burritos, with ingredients including John Morrell® ham and Jennie-O-Turkey®.

Burritos Tapatios

www.margaritasmexicangrill.com Our very own oversized, super-stuffed burrito filled with your choice of meats and any six of the following ingredients: lettuce, guacamole, shredded cheese, melted cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, bell peppers, red bell peppers, banana peppers, avocados, beans ...

Roasted Chicken Burritos

Roasted Chicken Burritos Serves 5 Burritos are easy to make with endless filling possibilities. Use pre-shredded cheese. We prefer using homemade beans, but canned beans work just as well.

Product Description:

Product Description: Marquez Brand Burritos The Marquez Brand Burritos contain meat products supplied by Huntington Meat Packing Company of Montebello, CA, which is the subject of an FDA investigation concerning recent E. coli outbreaks.

Bean Burrito

SERVING: 1 burrito provides 2 oz equivalent meat/meat alternate, ¼ cup of vegetable, and 1 ½ servings of grains/breads. about 13 lb 4 oz (filling) 50 burritos about 26 lb 8 oz (filling) 100 burritos YIELD: 1 gallon 2 ¼ quarts (filling) 2 sheet pans 3 gallons ½ quart (filling) 3 sheet pans VOLUME: 100 Servings ...

BURRITO - All we do are Burritos.

Handmade in Colorado All Natural Ingredients Home-style Mexican Recipes Six Month Frozen Shelf Life Nothing can be more satisfying than a hot ready-to-eat handmade

Salamanders and Tortillas?

Opened by husband and wife team Melissa and Rob Borowitz in 2007, Hellbender Burritos has quickly become a huge hit with both locals and tourists.

Bombers Burritos - 12-inch flour tortilla filled with choice ...

Phone: (518) 463-9636 . Fax: (518) 463-2303 Side Guacamole $1.50 Side Sour Cream . $.75 Side Salsa . $.75 ★ All BurritoS AvAilABle Without tortillA ★