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Paste for dental use

following active ingredients : 25.70 g of butamben, 15.80 g of iodoform and13.70 g of eugenol. It also includes other ingredients: olive oil, spearmint oil, sodium lauryl


CHEM 234: Laboratory Procedure ACID-CATALYZED ESTER FORMATION Synthesis of Benzocaine H 2 N CO 2 H Et OH H 2 SO 4 H 2 N CO 2 Et Procedure: Synthesis . Place 1.2 g of p-aminobenzoic acid and 12 mL of absolute ethanol in a 100 mL round-bottom flask.

The Preparation of the Local Anesthetic, Benzocaine, by an ...

Exp't 86 The Preparation of the Local Anesthetic, Benzocaine, by an Esterification Reaction Adapted by R. Minard (Penn State Univ.) from Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Microscale Approach, Pavia, Lampman, Kriz & Engel, 1989.

What is it? How do I use it? Today's dental products and ...

Dentsply Pharmaceutical www.dentsplypharma.com Oraqix ® prilociane and lidocaine Cetylite Industries www.cetylite.com Oral Science Cetacaine Liquid : Benzocaine 14.0 %, Butamben 2.0 %, Tetracaine Hydrochloride 2.0 % Injectable Anesthetics.


The active ingredients of Alvogyl include eugenol for analgesic action, butamben for anaesthetic action, and iodoform for anti-microbial action.

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OneTouch Advanced Topical Anesthetic Gel benzocaine 14% • butamben 2% • tetracaine hydrochloride 2% Cool Mint Cherry Strawberry Ice Bubble Gum ( benzocaine 14% • butamben 2% • tetracaine hydrochloride 2%) Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing OneTouch Advanced without prescription.

NDC 16781-113-60 Use As Directed. Not for ophthalmic use.

Rx Only NDC 16781-113-60 Use As Directed. Not for ophthalmic use. Active Ingredients: Benzocaine 14.0% w/w, Butamben 2.0% w/w, Tetracaine Hydrochloride 2.0% w/w (Percentages refer to concentrate and exclude propellant) Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride, Cetyldimethylethylammonium bromide ...


Medical Conditions Aggravated by Long Term Exposure: Individuals sensitive to ester-type local anesthetics (e.g. butacaine, butamben, chloroprocaine, tetracaine, propoxycaine) or to PABA may be hypersensitive to antipyrene and benzocaine.


benzocaine, butacaine, butamben, chlorocaine, tetracaine, propoxycaine) or PABA.IP-mice LD . 50 . 70 mg/Kg. 10043-35-3 . Boric Acid . Inhalation can cause coughing and chest discomfort.

Subpart K—Complaint Handling

Butamben: All parenteral drug products containing butamben. Camphorated oil: All drug products containing camphorated oil. Carbetapentane citrate: All oral gel drug products containing carbetapentane citrate.