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Portable Collections Program

Table of Contents Checklist: What's in the Case? ----- 1 Information for the Teacher: ----- 2 How to Handle and Observe Scientific Specimens An Introduction to Butterflies Information About the Specimens in the Case Activities to Do ...


Monarch Butterflies (Order: Lepidoptera) January 2000 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet Number 15 General Information Butterflies have been admired for centuries for their physical beauty and behavioral display.

Butterfly Pavilion HR Job Announcement 2011

www.Butterflies.org 6252 West 104 th Avenue Westminster, CO 80020 t: (303) 469-5441 f: (303) 657-5944 Thursday, December 15, 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT:

Bugs, Butterflies, Worms, and Spiders

Bugs, Butterflies, Worms, and Spiders OBJECTIVES: •Increase awareness of our natural environment and creatures that live within it. •Gain an appreciation for the inter-connectedness of all living things.

Butterfly Basics

Butterflies feed on a variety of liquids, including nectar and the juices from overripe fruit, carrion and manure. • The courtship behavior of butterflies is unique to each species.

Butterfly Field Guide

Inquiry into Butterflies Lesson 1: Butterfly Field Guide and Dichotomous Key Butterfly Field Guide

Butterflies + Plants: Partners in Evolution

Answers to the Activities Amber Fossil's Living Relative Butterfly B is the closest living relative. It is Voltinia danforthi, a metalmark native to Mexico.

Beautiful Butterflies and Marvelous Moths - by Guy Belleranti ...

Name: _____ Beautiful Butterflies and Marvelous Moths by Guy Belleranti What's the first thing you think of when you hear the words butterfly and moth?

Why butterflies and moths are important

Why butterflies and moths are important There are many reasons why butterflies and moths are important, both in their own right but also as quality of life indicators.


But localized butterflies can have very narrow habitat and management tolerances-that's why management consistency within a particular site is beneficial for localized butterflies.