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106 2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide Cabbage Cabbage Commercial cabbage production is a significant industry in Ohio, serving local and regional processing (sauerkraut) and fresh (especially slaw) markets.

Growing Broccoli, CaulifIower, and Cabbage

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources • Oklahoma State University HLA-6017 Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets are also available on our website at: http://osufacts. okstate.edu W. R. Kays Extension Horticulture Specialist Home Food Gardens and Small Fruits Three ...

C abbage Cabbage

FOOD PRESERVATION SERIES Cabbage Michigan-grown cabbage are available September through March. Common cabbage types hOW TO STORE QUICK AND EASY SERVING TIPS C abbage yield Green cabbage is a ball of thick, light green leaves.

Cabbage in the Garden

Reviewed June 2010 Cabbage in the Garden Dan Drost and Michael Johnson Summary Cabbage is a cool season vegetable that prefers sunny locations and fertile, well-drained soil.

Cabbage Production in California

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources http://anrcatalog.ucdavis.edu Publication 7208 Cabbage ProduCtion in California oleg daugoViSH, University of California Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor, Ventura County; MiCHael CaHn and SteVe KoiKe , University of ...


UC Davis, Vegetable Research and Information Center Home Vegetable Gardening Page 1 Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) Recommended Varieties Disease Resistance Early (<I00 days from time of planting to harvest) Stonehead AAS,F Early Jersey Wakefield F Darkri ...


Cabbage Brassica oleracea var. capitata History Brought in from Asia minor to Europe around 600 B.C., this plants and its relatives have been held in high esteem for its culinary and medicinal value.

Cabbage: An Economic Assessment of the Feasibility of ...

Cabbage: An Economic Assessment of the Feasibility of Providing Multiple-Peril Crop Insurance Prepared by the Economic Research Service, USDA for the Office of Risk Management Consolidated Farm Service Agency September 26, 1995 Agnes Perez, Coordinator (202) 501-6779 Joy Harwood (202) 219-0770 ...

By Kami McBride

Cabbage By Kami McBride From an Ayurvedic Medicine perspective, cabbage is a calming and grounding food. It is balancing for all body types. It clears the blood, fortifies the stomach and treats constipation.

The Benefits of Insecticide Use: Cabbage

The Benefits of Insecticide Use: Cabbage March 2009 Leonard Gianessi Crop Protection Research Institute CropLife Foundation 1156 15th Street, NW #400 Washington, DC 20005 Phone 202-296-1585 www.croplifefoundation.org Fax 202-463-0474 Cabbage Looper Damage Diamondback Moth Damage ...