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JohnT. Cacioppo

2000 SPRAWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTIONS TO PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY JohnT. Cacioppo RICHARDJ. DAVIDSON Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA Presentation to John Cacioppoonthe occasion of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychophysiology, Saturday ...

Nalbach v. Cacioppo

2 ATTY. MAUREEN A. SWEENEY 126 Marwood Circle P.O. Box 3695 Youngstown, OH 44513-3965 (For Petitioner) DENNIS WATKINS TRUMBULL COUNTY PROSECUTOR LuWAYNE ANNOS ASSISTANT PROSECUTOR 160 High Street, N.W. Warren, OH 44481 (For Respondent, Judge Mary Cacioppo) ATTY.

United States Court of Appeals

Cacioppo also asserts that the jury should have been given a "good faith" instruction. We begin by determining the proper mens rea requirement for a conviction under § 1027—an issue raised by Cacioppo's cross-appeal, but which also affects our analysis of the disposition of the Government's appeal.

Negative Information Weighs More Heavily on the Brain: The ...

888 ITO, LARSEN, SMITH, AND CACIOPPO pled activation can occur as singular activation of either the positive or the negative motivational system, both of which were observed by Ito et al.

JohnT. Cacioppo

turned 5064citations over the past five years, and a comparable search using Medlinereturned 3542. A Handbook of Emotions appeared (Lewis&Havi-land 1993) with a second edition already in preparation, journals are now devoted almost exclusively to the topic (e.g. Cognition and Emotion ...

Issue Involvement Can Increase or Decrease Persuasion by ...

1916 RICHARD E. PETTY AND JOHN T. CACIOPPO ing a position that will maximize the im-mediate situational rewards is. Thus in some cases response involvement will lead to increased influence (e. g. , Zimbardo, 1960) and in some cases decreased influence (e. g. , Freed - man, 1964) , depending upon ...


EMOTIONAL CONTAGION Elaine Hatfield University of Hawaii John T. Cacioppo Ohio State University and Richard L. Rapson University of Hawaii BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES Elaine Hatfield is a Professor of Psychology and Richard L. Rapson is a Professor of History at the University of Hawaii.

The Elaboration Likelihood Model: Understanding Behavior Change

Influencing Evaluations: The Elaboration Likelihood Model (Petty & Cacioppo, 1981; 1986) *1. In any given situation, the likelihood *1. In any given situation, the likelihood of elaboration (thinking) varies. of elaboration (thinking) varies.

Mtr of Cacioppo; Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judici

Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division: Second Judicial Department Mtr of Cacioppo; Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judici

Alone in the Crowd: The Structure and Spread of Loneliness ...

INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS AND GROUP PROCESSES Alone in the Crowd: The Structure and Spread of Loneliness ina Large SocialNetwork JohnT. Cacioppo University of Chicago JamesH.