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Camellia Culture for Home Gardeners

Selecting Camellias Select full, well-branched camellias for your landscape. Look for uniformly shaped plants with vigorous foliage. Avoid plants with heavy infestations of scale insects on

The Culture of

The Culture of Camellias: The State Flower of Alabama 7 opened and managed with an ice pick or screwdriver, while placing the scion wedges in place.

Shady Characters!

2004 • AMERICAN CAMELLIA YEARBOOK 25 W ATSON • 2004 I give many talks to garden clubs and garden centers on the value and traits of camellias. During these talks, I often compare specific camellia varieties to plants of other species because of similar habits.


1 Camellia Camellia spp. Propagation Camellias are usually propagated by cuttings of new growth taken just as the stem is changing from green to brown.

Camellias… - The Queen of Ornamentals - Camellia sinensis ...

Camellias… The Queen of Ornamentals For centuries, the camellia has adorned gardens, tables and la pels with their beauty, grace and charm, but how did they come

Dieback and Canker of Camellia

Hybrids and cultivars of the common camellia, Camellia japonica, are the most recognized and widely planted camellias. The sasanqua camellia, Camellia sasanqua, is also widely used in Alabama landscapes in screen, foundation, and accent plantings.

by Dr. William L. Ackerman C AMELLIAS IN THE Exploring ...

AMERICAN CAMELLIA YEARBOOK • 2006 13 ACKERMAN • 2006 Camellias as evergreen landscape shrubs are capable of providing great pleasure, not just during their respective


! 2007 Filoli Center For much of the year, the deep glossy green foliage of Filoli's camellias provides lush backdrops and cooling canopies throughout the gardens.

Soil pH for Camellia Cultivation

• Humidity, 50-60% • Turn your camellias often to prevent stretching • Follow the guidelines for growing camellias in containers on page 16.


•When using chemical controls, follow the instructions on the label for application and disposal •Wear protective clothing, mask, and goggles. •Given proper care, Camellias will put forth a spectacular display during the blooming season