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The National Canal Museum

Canals for a Nation by Ronald M. Shaw Professor Shaw's book is the only modern authoritative history of America's towpath canal era. Organized both chronologically and by geographical region, this book is an excellent resource on towpath canals.

Balance and Equilibrium, I: The Vestibule and Semicircular Canals

Balance and Equilibrium, I: The Vestibule and Semicircular Canals JoelD. Swartz, David L. Daniels, H. Ric Harnsberger, Katherine A. Shaffer, and Leighton Mark In this, our second temporal bone installment, we will emphasize the vestibular portion of the labyrinth, that relating to balance and ...

View on the Erie Canal

In the U.S., canals were often little more than shallow ditches filled with water funded through private and public investments. Canal barges were towed by horses walking along the side of the canal on a towpath.

Canal Regulations

Canal Regulations INDEX SUBCHAPTER D: CANAL SYSTEM Part 150: GENERAL PROVISIONS §150.1: Definitions §150.2: Canals Free §150.3: The Navigation Season §150.4: Unauthorized Operation of Locks §150.5: Propelling Float Against Gate §150.6: Prohibited Activities §150.7: Canal Officials Not to ...

Canal Context and Evaluation Procedures

In the past, canals were not always recognized as a type of cultural resource that might need study, and furthermore, although highways and other transportation facilities often intersect artificial waterways, projects that merely cross linear resources typically have little potential to affect them.


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Columbia County Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletter Article NORTH BRANCH CANAL I NTRODUCTION : The Morning Press , a Bloomsburg newspaper, in its annual anniversary edition published on February 22, 1940, included an article entitled, "Many Changes in Transportation Systems Noted."

(April 28, 2010) - Canals in South Florida

Canals in South Florida: A Technical Support Document (April 28, 2010) Prepared by South Florida Water Management District West Palm Beach, Florida


NORMAL AND PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY OF THE LUMBAR SPINAL NERVE ROOT CANALS H. V. CROCK From St Vincent’s Hospital, Victoria A description of the normal anatomy of the lumbar spinal nerve root canals and the intervertebral foramina is presented.

Ohio & Indiana

HISTORY OF THE CANALS OF OHIO By Terry K. Woods When Ohio's first canal engineers located the route this new transportation system was to take, they weren't concerned so much with providing the fastest and most direct route between two points, as they were with providing a dependable means of ...