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Mixing C and Assembler with the MSP430

Application Note SLAA140-March 2002 1 Mixing CandAssembler With the MSP430 Stefan Schauer MSP430 ABSTRACT This application note describes how Candassembler code can be used together within anMSP430 application.

The JX Operating System

To the best of our knowledge JX is the first Java operating system that has all of the following properties: •Theamountof Candassembler code is minimal to simplify the system and make it more robust.

Anne Software-Firmware Engineer

Expert in microprocessor applications design and implementation.  Produced verification test plans and participated in requirement specifications for new product development. Wrote firmware in Candassembler for device drivers such as fibre channel disc drive arrays, motor control applications ...

Rapid Control Prototyping using MATLAB/Simulinkanda DSP-based ...

At the outset, programming of the DSP-2 controller was only possible in Candassembler programming languages and, therefore, a lot of effort was needed to implement con trol algorithms.

PICOBIT: A Compact Scheme System for Microcontrollers

Due to the extreme memory constraints such applications are traditionally implemented using low-level languages, typically Candassembler, which give programmers total control and responsibility over memory management att he expense of software development ease and speed.

Vx86: x86 Assembler Simulated in CPowered by Automated ...

In contrast, modern system code is typicallymultithreaded, racy, written in Candassembler. Assembler is used (1) to access special instructions that are not available in C (likeCPUID, which returns some important properties of the processor) , and (2) to improve the performance of critical algorithms ...

Your Systemis Secure? Prove it!

In the case of seL4, there are three levels: The formal specification is the highest and the actual Candassembler code of the kernel implementa-tionisthelowest.