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Model 9145 Network Interface Device

The 9145 was also designed to be used with the Canoga Perkins L351, L357, and L322 Media Converters. FEATURES: ...

917x Family of Metro Ethernet Routing Siwtches

Canoga Perkins Product Overview 9170, 9171 & 9175 Metro Ethernet Routing Switches and Demarcation Devices (NIDs/EDDs)

Canoga® 70 / Canoga® 80 / Canoga® 113 Canoga® 193 ...

800.421.5830 To Order • www.mkdiamond. com MIXERS Canoga ® mixers have been recognized for over 50 years for their heavy-duty quality, dependability and value.

Canoga™ Vehicle Detection System

Description The 3M ™ Canoga ™ Non-invasive Microloop Vehicle Detection System consists of the following matched components: Model 702 non-invasive microloop probes and carriers, installation kit, Canoga vehicle detectors, and home-run cables required to install the non-invasive microloop.

Canoga™Traffic Sensing System

Description Canoga ™ 30003 Home-run Cable is a small-diameter, shielded, four-conductor, controlled capacitance cable designed for interconnecting Canoga ™ 702 Non-invasive Microloop ™ Sensors, Canoga ™ 701 Microloop ™ Sensors or inductive loops to Canoga ™ Traffic Monitoring Cards ...

Canoga™Traffic Sensing System Canoga™702 Non-invasive ...

Description Canoga ™ 702 Non-invasive Microloop ™ Sensors are a matched component of the Canoga ™ Traffic Sensing System. These traffic sensors provide a unique alternative to other vehicle detection systems when connected to a suitably configured Canoga ™ Traffic Monitoring Card or a ...

Canoga™C922 and C924 Vehicle Detectors

Description Canoga ™ C922 and C924 Vehicle Detectors measure vehicle presence, count and roadway occupancy with industry-leading accuracy and reliability through superior inductive vehicle detection.

Canoga Perkins, a privately held U.S. business, has designed ...

Canoga Perkins, a privately held U.S. business, has designed and manufactured test and optical transport products for the telecommunications industry for over 4 decades.

3M Canoga Instructions

1 3M Canoga Detector Basic Software Instructions 3M's Canoga is a hardware board compatible with current signal controllers. The Canoga is a signal processing device that performs the functions of a typical counter/classifier data box.

Canoga Perkins 2262 T1/E1 Fiber Optic Modem

4 Canoga Perkins 2262 T1/E1 Fiber Optic Modem Caution! This product may contain a laser diode emitter operating at a wavelength of 1300nm - 1600nm.