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Assertive Discipline® and Beyond

For more information regarding Canter graduate-level courses, visit www.Canter.net or call 1-800-669-9011. Page 1 of 4 © 2011 Laureate Education, Inc.

The High-Performing Teacher®

THE HIGH-PERFORMING TEACHER ® ABOUT CANTER Canter, a subsidiary of Laureate Education, Inc., is committed to serving the educational community with graduate-level courses that blend research-based theory with practical strategies.

Canter announces its second deal in the Compliance sector

News 16 June 2011 Canter announces its second deal in the Compliance sector Canter Equity Partners, the specialist growth buy-out firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of SFQC Limited, the Edinburgh based food certification and inspection business, by Certus Compliance.

VETERINARY CONNECTION The Canter Considered Last in a series ...

M Y LAST TWO COLUMNS DE scribed the mechanics of the walk and the trot (“Veteri nary Connection,” April and July 2002). This month, I’ll explore the canter.

Dimensions (mm)

Suspension Semi-elliptic laminated leaf springs Steering Integral power assisted recirculating ball & nut type Brakes Service ABS brakes, dual circuit hydraulic with vacuum servo assistance.


THE COUNTER CANTER Q. I'm schooling my horse at 3 rd level but I'm having some trouble with the counter canter. My horse doesn't seem to understand the exercises and I have trouble not getting frustrated.


Canter Transition Troubleshooting Five exercises to develop your green horse’s balance in the canter. By Annie Eldridge 6-18-2004 On-the-aids goes out the window when you ask for canter.


A new generation of Mitsubishi Fuso CANTER (payload two-ton class) and CANTER GUTS (payload 1.5-ton class) light-duty trucks went on sale in June 2002 following a full model change in eight years and seven months.


LEE CANTER'S TOP TIPS ON HOMEWORK Taken from "Help! It's Homework Time," by Lee Canter 1. ESTABLISH DAILY HOMEWORK TIME Set a daily homework time with your child.

Canter Pirouette

Copyright © by Positive Riding. All rights reserved. 1 The Positive Riding System Canter Pirouette By Henrik Johansen _____ The canter pirouette is the most difficult of all the canter work, as well as the most physically demanding ...