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Behavioural aspects of tigers kept in captivity

Behavioural aspects of tigers kept in captivity Lambros Petrou and Stavroula Mylona 1.0 – Introduction: This research area has investigated the effect of captivity on behavioural aspects of the Siberian Tiger subspecies, Panthera tigris altaica.


CAPTIVITY "Andheforsookthe tabernacle at Shiloh, the tent where he had dwelt among men, and gave his strength into captivity, and his glory into the hand of the oppressor; and delivered up his people unto the sword, and was very wroth with his inheritance: the fire consumed their young men, and ...

Killer Controversy

1 Killer Controversy Why orcas should no longer be kept in captivity Introduction Since 1964, when a killer whale or orca ( Orcinus orca ) was first put on public display 1, the image of this black-and-white marine icon has been rehabilitated from fearsome killer to cuddly sea panda.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Division PERMITS TO HOLD WILDLIFE IN CAPTIVITY Information Circular 1350-1, Revised December 7, 2007 Applicants must read and retain this document for future reference.

Whale and Dolphin Shows and Interaction Programmes

Dying to Entertain You? You decide… Whale and Dolphin Shows and Interaction Programmes WDCS Stop -Captivity Campaign: Why are we concerned about the capture, trade and confinement of dolphins in captivity?

Captivity T H E C A S E A G A I N S T - MarineMammals in

I nthedebateovermarinemammalsincaptivity,the publicdisplayindustrymaintainsthatmarinemammal exhibitsserveavaluableconservationfunction,people learnimportantinformationfromseeingliveanimals,and

Enrichment for Nonhuman Primates - Capuchins Monkeys, 2005

*Capuchin Monkeys Introduct*on Nonhuman primates maintained in captivity have a valuable role in education and research. They are also occasionally used in entertainment.

Bottlenose dolphins in captivity

1 Bottlenose dolphins in captivity We all love dolphins, and the captivity industry has capitalised on this to make huge profits at the expense of the animals misery.

Amplified Bible Curriculum, Section Eight: Captivity, Restoration

Bible Survey Section Eight: Captivity, Restoration Gene Taylor-1-Preface These lessons were first compiled over a three year period from April 1988 through March 1991.

exporting CITES bred-in-captivity

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Exporting CITES Bred-in-captivity Wildlife Captive breeding of wildlife is an important source of animals for pet owners, hobbyists, breeders, zoos, researchers, and commercial dealers.