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BIG Coromant Capto C5/C6/C8

A modular turning and rotating tool holder system that strengthens the BIG Coromant Capto C5/C6/C8

Capto™ SP ImpRes and Capto Q ImpRes - GE Healthcare Life ...

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Instructions 28-9776-55 AD Ion Exchange Media Capto™ SP ImpRes and Capto Q ImpRes Capto SP ImpRes and Capto Q ImpRes are strong cation and strong

A look at the Coromant Capto modular toolholding system.

To grab, grab at, to seize. Those are definitions of the Latin word capto. For the Coromant Capto toolholding system developed by Sandvik Coromant Co., modularity, universality and repeatability define it.

G 31 Tool holding systems A B C D E F G H

G 31 Tool holding systems A B C D E F G HCoromant Capto integrated multi-task machines Tooling alternatives for stationary tools Manually operated Coromant Capto clamping units – Camshaft activated

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Data File 11-0035-45 AA Multimodal media Capto MMC Capto™ MMC is a multimodal cation exchanger. It belongs to the Capto family of BioProcess™ media for fast, effi cient and cost-eff ective protein purifi cation.

Capto Q Capto ViralQ

Capto Q Capto ViralQ Instructions 11-0026-19 AC Ion exchange media GE Healthcare Capto™ Q is a strong anion exchange BioProcess™ medium for capture and intermediate purification of proteins from large feed volumes by packed bed chromatography.

Metalcutting Technical Guide (G) Toolholding Systems

G 10 Tool holding systems A B C D E F G H Many of the latest machining centre tools have the option of an integral Coromant Capto coupling. This eliminates the need for a cutting tool adaptor, reducing the number of parts and the price of the tooling assembly.

Capto adhere

imagination at work Instructions 28-9064-05 AA Multimodal media GE Healthcare Capto adhere Capto™ adhere is a multimodal BioProcess™ medium for intermediate purification and polishing of monoclonal antibodies after capture on Protein A medium by packed bed chromatography.

Coromant Capto® Machine Adapted Clamping Units

Coromant Capto® Machine Adapted Clamping Units For Mazak CNC lathes For machines: Quick Turn Nexus 100 M, MS (200/250 M, MS, MSY 16 station turret) Quick Turn Nexus 200/250 M, MS, MSY Quick Turn Nexus 300/350/450 M

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