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Can Carlon Zip Boxes be installed at less than the horizontal spacing of 24" required by the model building codes? Yes, there is a UL fire resistive wall design, ...

Carlon®Residential Slab Floor Box Assembly

Data Jack not included The Carlon Residential Slab Floor Box makes installing floor outlets in concrete slabs faster and easier. The box/extension sleeve is designed to be saw-cut to accommodate any concrete floor thickness up to six inches with no leveling required.

Floor Boxes and Covers Carlon Round 1-, 2-, and 3-Gang ...

Round 1-, 2-, and 3-Gang Rectangular Residential – Fully Adjustable Drop-In Brass Covers Stainless Steel Covers Nonmetallic Covers Carlon ® Floor Boxes and Covers 2B38_FB_10-07 10/23/07 1:02 PM Page B Gross Automation (877) 268-3700 · www.carlonsales.com · sales@grossautomation.com

Carlon®Snap-N-Stac™ Combo Spacers

Installations Carlon ® Snap-N-Stac ™ Combo Duct Spacers are specifically designed to replace the two-piece base and intermediate spacer system, by combining the conventional base and intermediate spacer into a single unit!

Carlon - PVC Conduit Repair System

Installation Instructions Installation Instructions Coupling Coupling E910_ E910_ Male Male Threaded Threaded Adapter Adapter E920_ E920_ PVC Conduit Repair Fittings PVC Conduit Repair Fittings Broken Broken conduit conduit on jobsite on jobsite Retrofit Fitting Kit for Retrofit Fitting Kit for ...


When long meter life, low maintenance and highest accuracy are needed in a totalizing water meter, Carlon's JL line of positive displacement meters are what you need.


1710 eaton drive • grand haven, michigan 49417 phone (616) 842-0420 fax (616) 842-1265 email carlon@carlonmeter.com • www.carlonmeter.com

Carlon®Non-Metallic Switch, Outlet and Ceiling Boxes

Carlon ® Non-Metallic Switch, Outlet and Ceiling Boxes Blue PVC Boxes PVC Boxes Brown Phenolic Boxes Orange Low Voltage Structured Cable Management System (SCMS) Black Polycarbonate Boxes Vapor Barrier PCBoxes Ceiling Boxes United States Tel: 901.252.8000 Fax: 901.252.1354 Technical Services ...

Carlon Curved Lid J-Box

Carlon ® Curved LidJ-Box-Atlantic Region Thomas&Betts Limited 106 ChainLake Drive, Unit 2C Halifax, Nova Scotia B3S 1A8 Tel.: (902) 450-1307 Toll Free: 1-877-862-4357 Fax: (902) 450-1309-Quebec Region Thomas&Betts Limited 7900 Taschereau Boulevard Building D, Suite 108 Bros sard, Quebec J4X 1C2 ...

Youth Baseball March 26 & 27 Seattle Softball Jim Donner ...

Date . Organization . Tournament : Field . Ages : March 19 & 20 . Central Wash Sports Assn : Carlon . Youth Baseball : March 26 & 27 . Seattle Softball : Jim Donner