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CARMARTHENSHIRE LOCAL BIODIVERSITY ACTION PLAN RED SQUIRREL/ SCIURUS VULGARIS Conservation objectives: • Maintain and enhance the remaining red squirrel population in the county.

Carmarthen Leisure Centre Fitness Class Programme

Class Descriptions X -Biking X-Biking™ is an exiting new indoor cycling trend that functionally incorporates the use of the upper body, core and lower back musculature while the legs do the pedalling.

“I want the Council to listen to my point of view and ...

2011/12 2010/11 Carmarthenshire County Council Business and Financial Planning 2009 -12 2009/10 Social Care, Health and Housing Department Overview of Three Year Service Business Plans Part 1 Departmental Overview Part 2 Budget Part 3 Abbreviated '2 Page' Business Plans per Division The ...

Part 3 Abbreviated Busi - Carmarthenshire County Council

Carmarthenshire County Council – Social Ca re Health and Housing Department Plan 1 20010/11 2009/10 Final Business and Financial Planning 2008-11

FRESHWATER HABITATS ACTION PLAN Introduction and Vision Statement

Freshwater pearl mussel Iron Blue Mayfly Spiriverpa lunulata (fly) Newbery's Rove Beetle Action Plan Objectives FWH1ME To maintain the extent of the freshwater habitats in Carmarthenshire FWH2AC Improve the water quality of the county's freshwater habitats FWH3AC Protect and improve the habitat quality of ...

Carmarthenshire Family Centres

2 I am delighted to introduce our Brochure on family centres in Carmarthenshire. The brochure aims to inform professionals and the public where the nearest family centre is, what they do, how they can be accessed and how they compliment each other in the services they offer.

Education &Children'sServices Education Welfare Department ...

The NationalAssembly and Carmarthenshire County Council expects pupils to have att en dance throughout the school year which averages in excess of 93%.

Carmarthenshire Horse Riding

Horse Riding Carmarthenshire Carmarthenshire County Council 01267 231557 | www.carmarthenshire.gov.uk Forest Forestry Commission - 0845 604 0845 www.forestry.gov.uk select Wales, then horse riding.

Frena Lodge, Caio, Carmarthenshire - Page 2 of 19 The rear ...

Frena Lodge, Caio, Carmarthenshire - Page 1 of 19 Ref: 0fre80 Frena Lodge, Caio, Carmarthenshire A Delightful Country Property in a Very Secluded, Idyllic Location.

Radio Carmarthenshire / Scarlet FM - Public File

Radio Carmarthenshire / Scarlet FM - Public File News Bulletin Schedule 97.1 Radio Carmarthenshire broadcasts local news at the following times:-24 hours a day with headlines weekdays at 7.30am, 8.30am and 5.30pm Local news is produced in-house and is made up of local items following a 3 minute ...